Weed is truly a magnificent plant and a wonderful way of reducing anxiety and increasing performance. It is glorious green glue which even holds the relationships together. Trust the fact, you won’t go wrong when you are having weed or weed is involved. 

Popularly stated, “ Where there is a way, there is Weed.”

There are numerous ways to smoke weed. The options are so numerous that sometimes it is so difficult for the person to choose the right way to enjoy the moment of smoking weed.  Weed is one of the great and there are a lot many ways to get started with this fascinating smoke.  There are plethoras of diverse mediums and devices which are used for smoking weed and making yourself feel amazing few of them like the top 3 are listed below. 


A vaporizer or the vape pen or just the vape is an easiest and healthiest way of getting high with weed.  Vapes are the pro and the best medium among all. You will simply smell it. The pure vape will not put any sort of debris into your body and get you the desired or higher feel. 

Vape pen was introduced as a much healthier alternative to cigarettes which are considered to be more injurious for health. Weed is a naturally-made ingredient which offers the best high naturally. The tobacco smokers once smoke weed through vape then you will start looking for the ‘vape store near me’ on Google. 

It wasn’t that long when the cannabis was consumed and the consumers started experimenting by using vape pen science to their strain of weed. They quickly discovered that vape is much better than smoking because vaporizing simply reduces the temperature at which these cannabinoids change from the solid to liquid gas.  Lower the temperature, the more active is the ingredient which makes the feel of smoking weed more fascinating.  


An apple is one of those things that you must have smoked out in high school with your buddies.  The apple was made for amusement, festive and even much disposable price to enjoy the feel of smoking weed, making a homemade pipe will also provide a different feel altogether.  Home packed apples poked with a pencil to make an opening can be one of the finest natural ways of inhaling weed in this method.  The power to add a bit of flavour makes the week smoke much more amazing when you are trying the Apple way. Frankly, it is not the ideal ganja delivery device, but with a pinch of creativity, it is amazing among all the ways. The best part of it is you can even eat the apple once you are simply ravaged by the munchies. But make one thing clear in apple we use pipe, not a bong. 


There is nothing bad when you just say it loud ‘BONG”. Well, your bong is very much like your best friend. It is always available when you need it and will never let you down. Interesting isn’t it!

One of the best ways to smoke weed is a bong. It is the best way to reach that high in like really fast, a few minutes. The highest that you can ever think off is by smoking weed using the Bong way.  It is fancy, it is amazing! Bongs are chiefly made out of the glass, plastic, or ceramic, or metals or even the bamboo shot.  It can take on diversified forms, one from simple to complex processes. There are some more amazing designs to it as well, which includes, multi-chamber bong, beaker shaped bong, straight tube bong. Carburettor bong, rouse –base. Percolator, waterfall gravity and even bucket gravity bong. 

The multi-style of the smoking bong in this way will create diverse feel altogether. Once who have started smoking weed in one of the ways in the bong method, they have always loved to come back to the specific way of smoking and getting high.  It is a very healthy way of getting into the zone of high and feeling heavenly out of the world emotion.

You should know the best way to smoke week to enjoy every bit of it.  Consuming organic weed in perfect amount is the best quality smoke one can ever have.