If your children are not yet playing organized team sports, they might be missing out on the fantastic life lessons that can come through playing alongside kids their own ages. Working to win together as a team helps kids learn resiliency, resolve, and of course, the value of teamwork for a common goal. 

One of the most common choices for kids stating a sport is baseball, and with good reason. Baseball is known as America’s greatest pastime, and is a good entry-level sport.

If you are interested in learning how to get your kids involved in baseball, see more here, and continue reading to find out some of the top lessons that your child can learn from playing sports today.

Working towards achievements

When kids become involved in sports, they immediately learn what it looks like and feels like to work towards personal and group goals. Whether it is learning how to pitch a great curveball, figuring out how to identify a blitz in football, or figuring out how to complete a perfect pass in soccer, kids will learn about how to reach a goal.

Beyond that, being a part of a league and trying to win a championship or beat a crosstown rival is a group goal that everyone on the team can work towards to try to achieve. 

Not quitting

Sometimes, kids will feel an impulse to quit something at the first sign of difficulty or pushback. Obviously, this is not something that kids want to bring into their young adult and professional life as difficult things and roadblocks will always arise when it comes to getting in the way of their personal and professional dreams. 

Facing difficulty in sports and persisting nonetheless is a great way to learn how to stick to things that you care about even when the going gets tough. 

Being a team player

This is perhaps the most important lesson that kids can learn from the first day of being part of a team. The importance of being able to put differences aside and work together to achieve a goal or just to become better each and every day is a wonderful lesson that children of all ages can learn no matter if they are part of a rec and ed league or if they are part of a varsity program in high school or a travel team. Being able to be a team player will help children deal with friendships, romantic relationships, school projects and eventually professional projects. It’s highly important that people learn how to put some of their personal desires aside for the betterment of the group. Team sports excel in teaching those lessons.


As you can see, there are a lot of wonderful lessons that children can learn from playing team sports. Not only that, it gives them a great way to spend time and stay active and healthy while making friends and being social. Not only that, but it could lead to a lifelong passion where they make playing sports a major part of their life.