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As the courses are closed, the sunlight is not yet to be seen and the nights are still pretty chilly. The cold is still determining whether you can pick up your golf clubs and start practicing for the season. However, this does not necessary mean that you can’t practice for this season already! With some easy drills and tools, you can start preparing and training for the upcoming season as of right now. It really shortens the threshold to start scoring great rounds if you prepare properly.

The winter is the obvious time of year to start reducing the time spent on the golf course and pay attention to stuff that you can’t or do not have time to do during the summer. For a lot of golfers, it is a well-deserved break, but there are also a lot of golfers who would like to continue play year around. Some parts of the country have excellent indoor golf facilities where you can work on your swing both indoors and outdoors. Unfortunately, this is not true everywhere, and then you have to find alternate ways to keep your level up!

Today, there are more practice equipment than ever, and tools to help you improve both your swing and your putting. With a very simple setup, you can find various ways on how to improve.

Why not do some putting in front of the open fire during the winter?

We would like to recommend a few drills or equipment that we think will help you in all parts of your golfing. A lot of the equipment is also perfect to bring outside once the weather starts to invite you outdoors again.


A popular drill is to use a “swing flex trainer”. It will help you to maintain the tempo in your swing and the strength and flexibility in your body. For many golfers, it is also perfect to keep the craving for golf down for as much as possible. To use a swing flex trainer 20 swings a day will make wonders for your golf appetite, your body and your muscle memory. 

There are swing trainers for different heights and lengths. It is a great tool to carry around the golf course to use as preparation on the first tee.


Everyone who likes to keep up with golf during the off-season needs a net to practice chipping. You can use one either outside with real golf balls or plastic golf balls inside. If you have enough space in a garage or otherwise large room, real golf balls could be used inside as well. Chipping is perfect to practice at home, as you do not need to either do full swings or hit the ball very far. It is the feel you are after.

Chipping Nets usually have different sized hole to practice precision even further. 


A golf putting mat is a great way of improving your putting. Putting is probably also the easiest way of practicing at home and it is also where you can increase your score to the fullest. A lot of golfers who take practicing during the winter serious spend the most time practicing putting with an indoor putting mat. If you are looking for putting mats like these, head over to Pine Club Golf for a review of the best practice golf putting mats. If you want to improve your golfing during the off season, this is the best tool to do so.

Another way of improving your putting is with a putt-mirror. It is simply a putting mat with a reflection glass which allows you to see where you have your eyes and shoulders when positioning for the put. You also get a good overview of how the golf ball react on impact and if there are any alternations that you need to do with the putt-swing etc. 

It is time to stop missing short putts and improve the score!