The fun and excitement of a driving range is something that everyone can enjoy. And what better place to do this than heading over to TopGolf where you can enjoy all that with music and your favorite drinks. 

But, whether you have been doing this for a long time, or you are looking for some advice to make a decent performance on your very first driving range experience, here are four practical tips that can help you master the art of driving.

Alternate Targets Precisely 

It never ceases to amaze me how often people will select the 150-Yard white stake as their target for the vast majority of their shots. But, this is not a good representation of a scenario you will find in real life. 

Take your time on the range to practice your form, your precision and your versatility in a wide variety of situations. Aim at targets on all sides of the field on the left, right and center. Focus on what it takes to make a precision shot at all distances rather than merely focusing on the long shot. 

Night golf is becoming increasingly popular, practice your night game with golf balls that light up.

Only focus on one aspect of your game

Before you get out there and start swinging right and left, take time to consider your purposes on the driving range today. If you are trying to improve your driving, hit 3-Woods and Hybrids, not just drivers. Many people will begin pointlessly hitting balls in all directions with little planning for the experience. Use all the clubs you can to accomplish your goals in as many ways possible. 

Warm-up with a wedge

No matter your goals and strategy to improve your golfing skills, you should always begin your practice run by warming up with a few wedge shots to begin with. Before you begin your driving session, be sure to hit at least 5 with a sand wedge and pitching wedge before you begin your practice. 

Because these are the easiest clubs to use in the bag, it can help get you off to a flying start with some confidence. 

Create and Practice a Swing Routine

You need to hammer out an effective golf swing routine. For those of you who can remember basketball practice, the free throw is an essential part of practice. The way you choose to set up your swing routine will be entirely up to you. But, you should know that just having a swing routine will allow you to develop excellent muscle memory and the capacity to make better shots. 

Here is what I like to do. I will take a practice swing, then step back 5 paces from the ball and tap my left foot before executing the swing. 

When you go to a driving range you can hit as many as 50 to 100 golf balls. Having a swing routine will allow you to improve your mental focus and tempo to ensure a well-placed shot each time. Making your own routine is not just good for your practice. It will help you improve your game considerably as well.  

If you keep these important pointers in mind, you will greatly improve the efficacy and precision of your golf driving range practice.