After the season ends for the Houston Astros, the Boston Red Sox will get their new manager in Alex Cora.  Cora was the front runner all along for Dave Dombrowski and the Red Sox. Ken Rosenthal for Fox Sports reported the three-year deal that Cora will accept once the Astros are done. This is a great move for the Red Sox.  Dave Dombrowski can get his guy who he thinks is right for the job.  Cora also brings that young vibe to the clubhouse which will help this young team.

Cora played infield positions for the Red Sox  for four seasons, starting in 2005.   In the 2005 ALDS, which Boston lost to the Chicago White Sox in a three-game sweep, Cora played in one game as a defensive replacement, without a plate appearance.

In Game Strategy Not Important As A Manager?

According to Dombrowski, “I do not feel that in-game strategy is the biggest thing as a manager, I think it’s important. But there’s other things that are probably more important. As I’ve often told managers, to me the most important thing for a manager is that their club plays up to their capabilities day in and day out, which means that they’re communicating with their players and they’re getting everything that they can and that means their club’s playing hard.”

Dave Dombrowski Wanted a Change From John Farrell

Clearly,  he had a change of heart after back-to back first place finishes only to get knocked out of the first round again. In-game strategy ranks as important for a manager, one reason of many Dombrowski fired Farrell.  Dombrowski’s press conference following the firing of Farrell was a complete bore fest.  He wouldn’t comment on anything related to why they fired him. Cora looks like a good fit and knows the game well.  Rumors circulated that the Washington Nationals were going to interview him but Rosenthal shut that down.   The Red Sox  alone had an offer to Cora.  We will see what happens in the coming weeks during the busy Red Sox off season.