The summer season invites us all to practice more outdoor sports. Undoubtedly, everything becomes more complex in northern states during the winter. The snow takes over and well covers every football, soccer, baseball, and golf field, among other surfaces. For this reason, basketball and hockey shine so much during the winter season, among other sports that can be practiced indoors.

But with the arrival of milder temperatures and the first warm weather, we decided to focus on Boston and look around to find golf’s best academies. As good athletes, we understand that the best thing for any amateur golfer is to retune your swing by taking classes with experienced professors and instructors.

In our detailed research, we found the Green Mountain National, a golf course in Killington, Vermont. It is considered the best public facility in the state, to the point of receiving countless awards and recognitions from specialized magazines like Golfweek and Golf Digest. Its access is straightforward from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New England, and New York. A great spot to start our journey!

The Vermont Golf School is located in this club and is part of the renowned network of the Bird Golf Academy. As previously suggested, it is the first place we recommend for your sooner golf lessons in this region, whether you are a beginner golfer or an advanced amateur who wants to adjust your game for the summer season.


Nestled in a location of great beauty, the academy offers a private area where you can take your classes comfortably. Putting greens, practice bunkers, and a fantastic driving range are the right setting for outstanding golf instructors to teach their knowledge and share their wisdom. It is worth mentioning that they are all experienced professors with enough experience on both the PGA Tour and the LPGA, making each class something special for your game to shine brighter.

Engraved out of the majestic surrounding mountains, the Green Mountain National has a formidable design. The golf course presents perfect undulations in a beautiful setting, typical of the northeast of the United States. It is a par-71 design, with challenging holes for golfers of all levels.

Today, taking golf lessons is much more than just receiving ordinary game instruction from a teacher. For this reason, at Vermont Golf School, you will find packages with accommodation, unlimited practice, and your instructor’s assessment of your game, with up to almost 6 hours a day of coaching if you need it. The class packages range from 3 to 5 days, combining a strict and specific plan and simultaneously allowing you to notice the progress and evolution of your swing a few weeks only after taking the classes.

Therefore, doing it in a place like Green Mountain National is an invitation to enjoy the best of the state of Vermont and its famous tradition. Finishing up your lessons, playing a round of golf, and enjoying the comforts of the lodge on the shores of Kent Pond are just part of the fantastic experience that Vermont Golf School can offer you, your family, and your friends.