No matter if you’re planning a trip to Vegas, a nice summer cruise or you’re just going to your local casino for a break from all of that daily stress, chances are you’re going to spend some time (and money…or is it the other way around?) for playing some casino games.

Some of you may think “What a heck, I’m quite lucky most of the time”, but you should keep in mind that winning a casino game is going to take a lot than your regular luck (like finding a buck on the bottom pocket of a bag).

In order to get some hints and tips about your real chances when you’re playing some casino games, it’s not a bad idea to scroll down for some useful info. You should only do it if you’re determined to win. Every single time. I recommend you to play mega888 one of the best casino games.

Always bet your money on some table games

Sitting down for a talk with a casino manager is going to give you the best tips about your real odds when playing casino games.

Even though it doesn’t look like, but playing the table games has better odds than slots. Most of us out there do have in mind the image of some card sharks taking all of their money after a tough Texas Hold’Em tournament. This is why they turn to the easiest (they think) choice: the slots.

However, this is one rooky mistake and you shouldn’t fall for it. You may very well start with the slots, but don’t forget to move on to the Blackjack table later on.

  • Blackjack

You may not be aware of it, but Blackjack presents the best odds of winning, and the housed edge has only 1% in most casinos out there. You’re not going to play against some long time poker champions, but only against the dealer.

In spite of what many think, Blackjack is in fact one of the easiest games to play. Mainly, you’re only seeking for a number that is going to beat the dealer’s number, without going over 21.

If you’re an entry level player, it’s wiser that you sit down and pay some attention to the game during the slow hours (afternoon is always a good time), leaving the dealer to teach you a thing or two about the game.

Poker is another story, though. You should always practice with your friends at home and get really comfortable about playing it. If you’re a beginner, stay away from the poker tables as the competition gets rough.

Do due diligence and learn everything there is to know about the game. There’s no such thing as knowing too much about winning in poker or Blackjack.

  • Craps

Once you’re done with the Blackjack table, it’s not a bad idea to go ahead and try some dice game. Craps is only the second best odds, also almost 50-50.

We do admit that all of those boxes on the tables may intimidate an entry-level player, but you should ignore that. The game isn’t that tough in fact and it presents some of the best chances of winning. At the end of the day, this game is only about placing your bet on a simple dice roll.

Go online and find out more about this great casino game.

  • Roulette

Now that you’re in a casino, make time to run by the Roulette wheel as well. It’s a simple casino game and it doesn’t pay bad at all.

This is your chance to bet on your favorite numbers. The dealer is going to spin the wheel and if your number comes in, you do win.

If you’re only going to bet on Reds or Blacks, you actually have a 50-50 chance of winning. For instance, if it lands on red when you selected red, you’re going to double your bet.

One may fall into temptation and think that choosing a color gives you an even chance of winning, but don’t fall for it. The extra green 0 and 00 position on the wheel is the tricky part that gives the house its edge. It’s on all American Roulette wheels.

Long story, when you’re feeling lucky, you should simply go with the number you fancy. Even if the chance of winning is slim, if you do win, it does pay out 36 to 1. That’s quite impressive, right?

Where are the worst odds?

It makes sense that no man working in a casino is going to talk about the games with poor odds. This doesn’t mean we cannot find out about the games that you should always stay away from when you’re in a casino.

According to some experts, the slot machines and Wheel of Fortune present the lowest odds of winning as the house edge’s is 10% or more.

No matter how bored you are when travelling, never go playing some slots at the airport. Casino games on a cruise ship don’t make a better choice either as the companies are really aware that they’re limited to the tourists onboard.

This may sound incredible, but you have the best chances in the most competitive casinos, which is Vegas. There are almost 100 casinos so odds are better than anywhere else.

When it comes to playing casino games, “better” has a different meaning. It’s like you’re in school and you get all cocky with the best score among the failing grades. Even if the odds are better in Vegas, you’re still going to lose quite some money.

And no, games in which you’re playing a cute teddy bear aren’t doing you a favor either. Chances are you’re going to lose.

Side note: The slots.

If you really like playing the slots, some tips for the road are never going to hurt. The more money you place per bet, the higher your chance for winning is going to be. For instance, if you’re putting the maxim a penny machine (about 50cents), your chances are going to be better than if you’d put only 2 cents.

Keep in mind that penny slots actually have the lowest odds and the $1 and $5 slots pay a lot better. as long as you’re keeping an eye on your loss, you should be able not to go back home with empty pockets.

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One final conclusion

When you’re determined to have some fun at a casino, Blackjack is always the best game to make sure that you’re going home with some bucks in your wallet. if you’re actually learning a thing or two about the game, you may be in for a win even better than you’d expect.

You’re in fact between 44-48% in every single hand of winning and remember that no other casino game gives you that kind of chance. However, even games with best odds are still going to favor the house. never play it for too long- you’re going for a bad loss. In the long term, the house isn’t going to lose so keep this in mind too. Still feeling lucky?