We all know that USA is a heaven for ageing soccer stars. Pele was the first high profile signing that raised the stature of MLS, sparking a trend that lives on till now. Since then, soccer legends around the world sign for clubs based in the USA and decide to end their career there before moving on to coaching other teams or being a football critic among other options that they can take. It works well for both parties, the club and for the player. For the club, it gives them a boost for a star has signed for them and now people will flock in numbers to watch a game. It also gives the squad an added strength, for a soccer star even at the wane of his powers will have enough experience to guide and motivate the team.

Not just premier league stars, but players from many leagues come to the USA when they have decided to move on from that league. Like Ibrahimovic, they find it comfortable here and their family loves it too; because, as they say, it is the land of opportunity.

Here are a few legends that came to the USA and sparked it alive:

  1. David Beckham- A Manchester United academy product and part of the Real Madrid Galacticos, he was never one to turn down a better opportunity. He came to LA Galaxy, helping them to win two MLS cup titles. It went very well for the club and for the player. Nowadays, he has staked investment in a club of the same league and is working hard to make it a team of winners. John from ThanksForTheHelp sums up his tenure by saying, “David was the player every club would want; a fighter, winner, and a player who creates chances for others. Everyone looked up to him, his stature was enough to motivate the squad that they could go ahead and win the cup.”
  2. Theirry Henry- Just like David Beckham, he went from Premier League to the La Liga, eventually moving to New York Red Bulls. Henry is revered at Arsenal for the player that he was and one of the vital players who went on to be a part of the famous Invincibles. When he was in Red Bulls, he led them to only win a Support Shield but people flocked in numbers to see the great French legend. His skills and tricks were much loved while he was there.
  3. Wayne Rooney- Known for most goals scored during his years at Manchester United and England, his move to D.C. United has been nothing short of eventful; he has still years remaining in his contract for the club but has already made the fans wait for what is going to come.  His last minute tackle and assist against Orlando FC was much talked about across the soccer world. He has already inspired his team mates and wowed the soccer fans with his gameplay and goals.
  4. Steven Gerrard- A Liverpool legend and much loved across the world for his value as a player. He wasn’t much loved for his skills, tricks, or being smooth in his moves. But, he was a leader, a true captain, and had fighting spirit unmatched. Much as he was loved in England, his move to LA galaxy wasn’t so eventful. He couldn’t win anything and his performances there weren’t reminiscent of his performances as a Liverpool player. But still, it was a great move for the classic number eight and for the club. Harry from TopAssignmentExperts defines the player as, “ He is famous for his long balls and his vision to find a player across the field, some have the talent but not the vision, many have the vision but not the ability; it is a world-class player like Stevie G who has mind and the feet to carry something like that