Want to play slots in a casino website but don’t know how? Playing slots is of course very simple. Otherwise, slot games probably would not have been by far the most popular casino game, unless there was a certain amount of simplicity in the character of the game. However, there are some important “concepts” that you can come across when playing slots online, which you may (at first) feel a little unfamiliar with. Instead of perhaps learning these concepts gradually when you play, it can be beneficial to learn these before, so you have full control over how, for example, the investments go.

How to Play Slots

You probably already know what a slot game looks like, but it is not directly what we should describe here. A slot machine usually has 3, 4 or 5 reels, of which various animations, images, or patterns form along each wheel. After letting the reels spin, (usually by clicking on “Spin”), the symbols (hopefully) form the final combinations made up of different “Paylines” (the combinations that make a profit). If it does not become a combination of “winning species”, one naturally loses its bet.

Of course, the likelihood of getting some combinations decreases along the greater the profit they give, but if it is a “progressive” slot you play on (see extra possibilities), there is actually a chance to win tens of millions of dollars on a single spin (however, it usually requires max bet).

Betting options at Slots

However, before you make your “spin” on the current slot, you must naturally make your bet. When playing slots, bets are usually entered per line, which is then multiplied by the number of lines that the slot consists of. If you do not know this before you start playing or thinking about it, you can indirectly “lose money” unnecessarily. Minimum bet is usually € 0.10 to € 10 per line but varies. If the slot is 5-line and you make a € 0.5 bet per line, the total bet is 5 * 0.5 = € 2.5. For those of you who want to make the max bet, this can usually be indicated directly by marking “Max bet”. When selecting the bet size per line, this is usually indicated as “Coin size”.

Extra possibilities at Slots

On quite a few slot games there are also so-called “bonus games”, or “free spins”. This means that in addition to only being able to win money per unique move, you can also get free spins with additional winning chances, or “bonus games” where you can, for example, getting a game round with extra much chance of winning. Some slot games are also designed so that you can move on between different “bonus slots” with different challenges at each level. In the end, it can (if you are lucky to say), for example, lead you to a big “tax”. It is also found in most slot games that “Scatters” are one or a few symbols that “trigger” the profits further.