Football betting is a pretty familiar term for all members of the football betting world. So what is the specific football contract and what kind of odds are there? This article we will share for you all.

Keo bong da is a very important factor in online betting. It plays a very important role and decides to win or lose when the player participates in betting.

What is football?

Under the simplest way, football is the term used to represent the ratio between 2 participating teams in a match where the player is betting. Each dealer will often offer different odds for his members in each specific game.

Football betting is quite complicated, represented by the different numbers that betting players will be hard to understand. Understanding the psychology of players and understanding this, we will answer to you how to read football matches most accurately.

update football match in Tin tuc bong da

Explain the most accurate odds ratio

Draw (0)

In this type of game the player will proceed to bet on which team the player is predicting to win, if the team wins then you will receive the money and vice versa. With draws, the betting player will win when the team you bet wins, if the tie is won, it will return the money. In case of a draw, players will not be able to lose money.

1/4 (0.25) markets

In this market, the team that wins the match means that the team will also win the match but if the two teams draw together then the above team will lose half of the bet amount and the underdog will win half of the money.

Odds 1/2 (0.5)

With this contract, the above team will have to accept the under-half team, which means that if the winning team wins the match then the winning team will win the match but when both teams draw, the winner will be the team Under contract. It means that the above team will accept the under-half team.

3/4 handicap (0.75)

The above team will accept under 3/4 results. In this football match, if the above team wins with a difference of 2 goals or more, then the winner will win and the underdog will lose the match. If the above team only wins by 1 goal, the top team will get half the amount, the underdog will lose half the amount.

1 handicap handicap

With this football match, the underdog will be awarded a handicap on the first result, if the above team wins with a difference of 2 goals or more then only 1 result will be won then the above team will lose and of course the team the bottom will win. In case, if the two teams draw together, the underdog will also win.

1st quarter (1.25)

In this contract, the top team will accept 1 and a half for the underdog. Specifically:

  • The winning team wins the match with a difference of 2 goals or more, the winning contract wins and the under-loses.
  • The top team wins with a difference of 1 goal means that the underdogs lose half of the money, the underdog will win half of the money.
  • If the underdog wins the whole match, the underdog will win the match.
  • If both teams draw, the underdog will win.

Odds 1 1/2 (1,5)

With this odds of football:

  • The winning team with the difference of 2 goals or more then the above team will win, the underdog will win.
  • The winning team wins 1 goal difference then the top team will lose, the underdog wins.
  • Underdogs win or draw then win

Above, we have introduced a number of Bong da truc tuyen as well as the meaning of each type of bet so that new players can play with the bet. Hopefully, through this article, first-time players will no longer wonder what soccer is about. I wish you a good bet!