Saturday Was the Final Straw for Bill Belichick

I wrote on April 1st Rob Gronkowski was coming back to play football for the Patriots. After Gronkowski embarrassed himself and the team on Saturday, Bill Belichick had enough with the nonsense. Belichick gave Gronkowski an ultimatum yesterday and said that he’s either with the team or not. This clown show that he’s been putting on is not fair to the players who are in the weight room every day getting ready for the season. Saturday was the last straw for Belichick, and wanted to meet with Gronkowski and his agent yesterday.

Gronkowski isn’t getting a raise. If he wants to play football for the Patriots and win, he needs to shut up and just get ready for the season. I don’t believe Gronkowski planned the meeting with his agent and Belichick. This was all Bill. He’s trying to get ready for the season and his two best players are acting like they don’t want to be there. Belichick doesn’t have time for it since he’s also trying to plan for the transition for Josh when he takes over next season.

Belichick Gave Gronkowski an Ultimatum

Gronkowski will be here until Brady retires after his contract is up. Gronkowski wants to get paid, but that isn’t happening and he’s not getting traded. Patriots fans that think Gronkowski will be getting paid are wrong. Belichick gave him an ultimatum that he’s either in or out. If he’s in, he can’t act like a clown and talk trash about the team. He also can’t be saying how much he wants to get paid. Gronkowski posted on Instagram yesterday, ” I met with coach today and informed him I will be back for the 2018 season with the Pats, I have been working out, staying in shape and feel great. Looking forward to another championship run. #bandsamakeherdance”. Really though, Bill Belichick has had enough of the nonsense.