Bill Belichick Silent on Josh Gordon

The Patriots signed Josh Gordon, however, Belichick won’t talk about it. It’s not even known if Gordon is even in Foxborough yet for his physical. With Gordon’s very bad history of staying in the league due to his substance abuse issues, Belichick could be smart and not announce the acquisition yet. Again, Gordon is a higher risk than Randy Moss with off-field issues with substance abuse. New England isn’t the Cleveland Browns- they actually care about winning here.

Gordon Has Played in 41 Games and Caught 16 Touchdowns in His Career

Bringing in troubled players off the field has been a recipe for Belichick. However, is Gordon the worst out of the bunch? Let’s look at Corey Dillion, who had his troubles with the law from DUI’s to domestic violence arrests. In three years with the Patriots he rushed for 3,180 yards and 37 touchdowns. Albert Haynesworth didn’t have the work ethic on the field to keep up with the Patriots. His off-field issues were not as bad as substance abuse, but he did owe lots of child support. Chad Ochocinco couldn’t get the Patriots offense at all, which could be a concern for Gordon down the road.

As for Belichick’s conference call this morning he’s playing it smart. What if something happens and he fails his physical. Now Gordon can’t play on Sunday and could get released before he even steps onto the field. It probably is also the reason why Brady was a little skeptical of the troubled wide receiver too. Tomorrow is practice and Belichick will meet the media. By then Gordon should’ve already had his physical all set and ready to practice with his teammates. Also, the press conference will be a must watch. Again, the Browns aren’t the Patriots. One mess up and you’re gone.