The first leg of the most popular Triple Crown Series which is the Kentucky Derby is about to unfold is less than 60 days from now. The derby will take place in the famous race track of Churchill Downs, Kentucky. The said horse racing show will kick-off on May 4, 2019, attended by three-year-old thoroughbred horses in the Grade 1 category.

Besides, the Kentucky Derby does not only showcases the best horses to take the race but it also shows the ultimate Kentucky culture from throwing great parties, a parade of stars and celebrities, and the showcase of the best foods you can find in Louisville. Truly, it is something you need to plan and write as one of your itineraries.

That said, if you’re planning to head on the most exciting race course for the first time, you have to first consider these things before you pack your bags and go. I know that you are excited to take part to this festive horse racing show, but these things will help your preparation more meaningful and at the same time will give you an awesome Kentucky Derby experience to write.

Learn First the Lingo

In anything and everything that you do wherever that would be, the first thing that you need to learn in the culture and language of the natives. According to the history stated in the TVG Kentucky Derby, the locales will usually say “derby” instead of saying the full Kentucky Derby word which refers to the said horse racing show.

Thus, if you would not like to experience a culture shock during the said event, you need to learn the lingo. Yes, you may feel and sound awkward for the first time, but as you go along and practice you will get your groove. Once you also learn how to say the derby lingo, you can mingle with the Kentucky natives and secure a grand and incredible horse racing experience in 700 Central Avenue Louisville, Kentucky.

Plan A Parking Space Properly

 Bear in mind that Kentucky Derby is one of the grandest horse racing event in the country which is attended by hundreds and thousands of sports fans all over the world. That said, it is expected that a lot of cars and different type of private vehicles will park in the venue and you might hard time getting one especially if you come from in a far place and comes in late.

In this case, you might plan to rent a nearby place that offers to park for free or find a parking space with a lesser fee and make sure you reserve one. The purpose of this is to make sure that you will not experience a rough day trying to find a place where you can park which will end up not being able to enjoy the full racing show.

Dress To The Groove

The Kentucky Derby does not only talk about the best-thoroughbred horses and the excellent trainers and jockeys but it’s also a fashion to take note of. If you are going to the said event for the first time, do not be surprised if you see people wearing the most stylish rodeo hats and some even come in the biggest sizes.

Actually, if you do not feel wearing those big fancy rodeo hats, wear something you are most comfortable with. Simple sun hat will do and plain shirts as long as you feel good during the racing show, that will enough reason to enjoy the racing tournament. Make sure that you dress properly and comfortably as you might want to take part in the action-packed show inside the racetrack.

Find Your Scene

The whole arena of the racetrack in Churchill Downs is placed and arranged according. Actually, it’s a tradition that some people who sit on top are mostly foreseen as financially stable visitors and takes parts in a huge amount of betting. In fact, this isn’t true as you can place and situate yourself inside the arena.

Additionally, the derby venue and racetrack isn’t about the dirt track all the way. There are function halls. Grandstand, restaurants, gazebos, clubhouses, and other places where you can chill and unwind while you watch the racing show. It’s a must that you find the best place and spot to settle yourself so you will feel comfortable.

Firstly Secure Your Bets

If you plan to take part in Kentucky betting, it is best that you have to prepare your odds and entries before you head on to the racing show. In this way, you will not have a hard time choosing and placing your bets on a racing day because you are already prepared.

Lastly, your ability to prepare your bets early will also lead you to a wiser and more profitable betting strategy and at the same time ultimately get the best racing experience like you never had.