If you’re a boxer, you may have noticed that not all boxers wear boxing shoes. More often than not, some are choosing to use wrestling shoes. Finding a boxer with good footwork is very important when participating in sports betting Canada or even the United States. Even though both of these shoes have their benefits, they do present some differences. Scroll down to learn more about what tells them apart.

Boxing vs. Wrestling- here it begins!

The differences in shoes relate to the difference of movements in box and wrestling. Let’s take a closer look:

  • The height of the boots

One of the main differences comes from the height of the boot. Even if both sports require ankle protection, you’re going to need better ankle protection in boxing. The risk for an unexpected fall is higher when boxing.

Wrestling fighters know that it’s only a matter of time until they’re going to end up on the floor. They’re more aware and anticipate a fall, knowing how to fall the right way. Wrestlers need a lot of flexibility for the ankle as the groundwork is quite strenuous.

Boxers almost need to be in crouched position-their legs should be up straight most of the times. Boxing shoes are typically a lot taller than the wrestling shoes, as they need to provide better protection.

  • The soles

The soles of the feet are also different, and each of the shoes is made especially for one of them. Boxers need to go forward and back, pushing off from the balls of their feet only at times. That’s the main reason for which boxing shoes are smoother and have just a couple of grooves for traction on the surface. It’s vertical traction, and there’s little consideration for another kind of movement.

By contrary, wrestling shoes have a harsher bottom as the wrestlers need more grip with their feet. A solid sole that can grip into the canvas helps the wrestler push off. The wrestling shoes are going to ensure traction in all directions as the wrestler needs any part of the shoe for pushing off from the canvas.

  • Take a look under the shoes!

When you take a look under the shoes, you’re going to notice more difference. You will find horizontal lines at the soles under the boxing shoes. In the case of wrestling shoes, you will see circular lines which improve the traction. It’s a lot more challenging to lose balance when wearing wrestling shoes, but it’s easier to pivot on your feet when wearing a boxing shoe.

  • The level of flexibility

The grade of flexibility is another critical difference to highlight. You need to be in an impressive diversity of positions when wrestling and a lot of freedom for the ankle. It’s why wrestling shoes are more flexible than boxing shoes. You only need to do short, fast and accurate movements in an upright position when boxing, hence the difference in flexibility.

  • The durability

As wrestling is a lot about various and sharp movements, the wrestling shoes need to be very well made, taking the intense use for the right amount of time. Even if you use them regularly, they should still last for a couple of years.

But it doesn’t mean that boxing shoes are supposed to wear and tear after a couple of months, but the stress on them isn’t the same.

Wrestling shoes are made to provide comfort and support, without sacrificing flexibility. There are simply more features to consider when selecting wrestling shoes.

Are there any similarities?

Both sports are happening on the same type of surface, which explains why they’re similar on some level.

  • The support

For instance, none of them offers much help as they’re supposed to give traction on canvas. They’re supposed to be lightweight, as both sports require agile and fast foot movement. The main reason is also that shoes aren’t always necessary and a boxer/wrestler using shoes is going to add the weight of the shoes when wearing them. More weight means slower movements, which isn’t something you want when you’re boxing/wrestling.

  • The materials

Both shoes are made out of lightweight synthetic material, and some of the most famous boxing shoes feature thin leather or suede for more durability. Both types of shoes are made with new technology so that they provide both comfort and security. 

  • The soles

Let’s not forget the feet! Boxing and wrestling shoes come with rubber soles which ensures more effective traction across the canvas.

Can one use wrestling shoes for boxing and the other way around?

Even if the two types of shoes present some differences, they also offer plenty of similarities. You may be a wrestler and have to wear boxing boots from time to time. At FightingReport you’re going to find both boxing shoes and wrestling shoes. But you’re also going to see anything you need for MMA, Fencing, Martial Arts, Exercise, Apparel or Supplements. From the protective gear in various contact sports to apparel and supplements- it’s all there. You only need the patience to take a closer look.

Coming back to the big debate, both types of shoes are transferable to each sport. When you’re not competing at a high level, or you only use them for your practice, it’s not a big deal if you’re using the wrestling shoes when boxing and vice-versa.

Don’t forget that they do present their differences and if you’re going professional; you should choose the specific shoe for your sport. The texture of the sole or the height can play a big part in terms of your performance.

Even if the flexibility of the shoes is essential, it’s merely going to be easier to wrestle in a wrestle shoe and box with boxing shoes if you’re getting used to wearing the wrestling shoes while boxing, you may find it difficult to wrestle after a while.

Summing it all up for a conclusion

Let’s list the main differences once again so that it’s clearer for you what you should do next time you’re wrestling/boxing:

  • wrestling shoes are more flexible as they need to provide a greater range of foot movement
  • Boxing shoes are higher and ensure better protection to the ankle
  • Boxing shoes may be lighter
  • Boxing shoes are made for forwarding/backward movements, whereas the wrestling ones are made for action in all directions
  • Wrestling shoes may take use for a longer time.