Instagram has over one billion monthly active users. It is the most loved social media platform. You can make a comparison that the population of the US is around 325 Million so you can assess popularity. When you have more Instagram followers it means more likes and more sales as well. This will also bring more views on your blogs and healthier community for the promotion of your brand. When you see people having thousands of followers you get shocked. There is a tool named as Psst which is an incredible tool and it will take your account to the next level.

In this article, a few most important tips will be discussed in order to get likes on Instagram sports photos.

  • Like the photos of others related to your niche

If you are new to Instagram but want to take your account to the next level you have to spend some hours daily to like others post especially which are related to your niche. At least like 5-10 posts daily and try to comment also. This will help other users to find you out and start following you. More followers’ means more likes. Find out users related to your niche by searching relevant hashtags. The same strategy goes for Sports photos you can get likes on those using the same tip. Be authentic on Instagram no one want spammy to follow. If this strategy does not show up with an impressive result you can always turn to buy Instagram likes to increase your organic rankings.

  • Build a theme for your sports photos on Instagram

If you have done the first step then people will come to your account by themselves using your user name. Give them or show them something interesting so that they fall in love with you. Create an interesting theme with good words that people can use to associate with you. Once your theme is settled then try to stick to it for a long time. This effective strategy will be helpful in getting likes on sports photos as well because they are no exception.

  • Be social

Don’t just rely on comments you received but spend some time to respond to those comments. And try to post your comments on others work. You should post proper comment rather than just saying “Beautiful post” etc. When you will post a comment properly this will encourage them to post more interesting stuff. Same will apply to your account as well people will follow the same practice and you will get more likes and comments.

  • Create effective hashtags and encourage others to use these tags

This tip will help you in a growing community and will bring new content to your account. Your hashtag should be unique and no one is already using it. If the hashtag is used for a specific purpose it works best. If people start to use your hashtag then you have to repost their photos as well. To give them proper credit. This will help you to build a community and give you the content for sharing. When you have built a community you will get more likes on your posts.

  • Use a contest strategy

If you have something that you want to give away. Start running this strategy. Allow users to post something and tag you in their caption. You can ask them either to follow you or use your hashtags in their posts. This tip will work perfectly in getting likes. Either sports photos or normal ones you will get a good response.

  • Instagram stories

These stories are popularity day by day. And almost 400 Million users are using this story option. People like to see stories rather than scrolling for the news feed. Build creative and interesting stories and take your audience behind the scenes and show them the best part of your spent day. You can interact with people by asking questions, and creating polls. This will help you to communicate with followers on deeper levels and get more likes for your sports page which is our main goal.

  • Ask for action from followers

This is the most simple but handy way of getting likes. People will do something when you will ask them to do. You can ask them to like your photo if they agree with it. Use quotes which will get more traffic. Funny sharing will also help. Request your followers to tag their friends. When you will share some ideas with them it will motivate them to act accordingly. This is simple but the best way for getting more and more likes.

  • Use of Geotags

Whenever you have visited some restaurant or any other famous place use geo tags while posting photos. When others do this practice they will see your posts and might start following you because you have common interests. If you don’t know about geo-tagging concept it simply means tag your location where you were or where you are to show people. This is also a handy practice and can bring more likes on your photos.

  • Use famous players photos

Although this article was supposed to be focusing on sports photos. Like everyone has a different taste and interest. Some people are fond of football, some likes hockey and some of them are Cricket lovers. So you need to understand about your followers’ list. If your most followers are football lovers then definitely you will post about Match stats, favorite players like most people love to see Ronaldo and some are die heart fans of Messi. So when it comes to cricket people like to see posts about Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, and other world class players. So when you will post their photos your brand will be promoted and you will get amazing response and likes on your photos.

Best way to target your audience is be aware of their interests and then target them accordingly by posting according to their interests. This will not only bring engagement to your post but unbelievable likes and comments and followers as well which is your main goal on Instagram.