Are you concerned about how you can route high traffic to your sports team website using Instagram? If yes are on the right page. You must have heard different rumors that Instagram doesn’t drive traffic to websites. Good, you heard the rumors because they are false. If the rumors are true, writing this article is not important. Since Instagram added the Instagram story feature in 2016, this feature has shaken up the digital marketing scene.

The best way to get more clicks and generate traffic to your website from Instagram is using Instagram stories.

This article will explain how you can generate traffic to your website from your real Instagram followers.

Buy real Instagram followers to add links to your team’s Instagram stories

The Instagram story has got a powerful feature which is the “swipe up” feature. This feature allows you to add links to your stories and drives traffic back to your website. To use this feature, you need to get ten thousand so it’s the right time to buy real instagram followers.

The platform has recently got very strict to the artificial operations and besides cheap bots look awfully, so don’t waste your money on filling your team’s page with an army of unfilled fake fans and take the more expensive genuine real ones to get the most of it and avoid all the possible negative affections.

Make use of sports event videos, short interviews with team leaders and new members and all of the moments of the team’s life that might focus the attention of the team’s fans to generate interest and lure people to swipe up on the link you have added.

To get the most of it, ensure you add a visibly obvious call-to-action so your viewers can see more if they swipe up. This is because the “see more” test attached at the bottom is small and can easily go unnoticed.

Additional tip: If you have got 10,000 followers and you can use the link feature, reach out to companies and brands and help them drive traffic to their website for a product exchange, fee or for an advantage to post an article on their website about your team or your next event to have an extra audience driven from them.

Ask your audience to send you a direct message

This is one of the tips that will help you engage your fans audience and route traffic. Asking your team’s fans on Instagram to send you a DM allows you to see the questions your audience has for you. Proceed to answer the questions and direct them to the team’s site, players’ blogs or any relevant source you require.

If you notice your audience are asking related questions, you can proceed to use the “swipe up” feature on your Instagram story to share a post that will answer your real Instagram followers question.

You aren’t getting the number of DMs you expected or you aren’t getting DMs to draw inspiration from?

Make use of the question sicker on your Instagram story to ask your guests, followers, and fans what they will like to know about the team or what they need help with. Even if you don’t have a blog post on the answers to the questions, it will give you an insight on what your next post should explain.

Tease your audience with related Instagram stories

You can also start routing traffic to your sports website by creating anticipation. You can do this by giving your followers a hint on the sports events coming next or any forthcoming change in the team or introduce any other just coming news related to your sports team and when it will be coming. Screen record your website page or the website page you want to launch, create videos with players and team staff talking about it.

Doing this will give your audience an understanding of the benefit they will derive when they click the link on your profile or in your story.

Run team-related giveaways and sports quizzes

Keep in mind that people love participating in giveaways and quizzes especially if it is related to their favorite sports team. Giving away team merchandise or tickets to the next event as a prize will sufficiently increase the engagement of your followers. Announcing a registration for a giveaway or a quiz competition on your sports team’s website using stories and a tap-to-go link or a publication leading to a link in bio would drive a high portion of traffic from your Insta-account to the site. Figure out the best volume and buy Instagram followers during a giveaway. This would show your organic audience the flow of traffic to your account thus an interest in your activity and turn your fans and visitors into active participants.

Being active with your audience is a bright idea that never fails, you just need to choose a way to do it.

Drive consistent traffic with the Instagram highlights

One of the most valuable features on Instagram is the highlight feature. The highlight feature allows you to save your hard work and continue showing off the link to your website after the 24 hours mark. The Instagram story highlight allows you group stories together and features them permanently under your bio (this feature gives the posts a prime spot on your profile for your old, new and potential followers)

How can you use the highlight to boost traffic to your team’s website?

Throw up customer testimonial and social proofs then add your website link.

If you don’t have up to 10,000 followers, you can use these tips:

  • Use the first story highlight as a call-to-action post asking your fans to click the link in bio.
  • The next highlight should create more information about your website
  • Add another call-to-action
  • Add link in your bio
  • Buy Instagram followers to ease and boost up your microblog’s audience growth

Other tips include:

  1. Using the shoppable post feature on Instagram: Shoppable posts allow you to reduce the distance between the point of product or content discovery and the point of purchase or point of content. It could be your team’s merchandise, event tickets, etc
  2. Don’t miss to use influencer marketing, collaborate with top sports-related local and broad bloggers and media to route traffic to your team’s website.
  3. Make use of lead offers