As the game 1 of the State of Origin has been done and dusted, fans are eagerly waiting for the State of Origin Game 2. Indeed, this game will be a mega clash between the Queensland vs. the Blues, whereas each team will try their best to beat the competition. Even more, for the people who are internet users, we have brought for you the best ways to watch State of Origin Game 2 online.

Coming down at the match, the venue will be the Optus Stadium in Perth whereas the TV lovers can use Channel 9 to watch the game live. Also, the kick off time is set to 7:50 AEST, whereas massive crowd gathering is expected right from the early hours.

Therefore, as of now, let us move ahead and uncover some of the best channels, one by one.

Best Channels to Watch State of Origin live streaming Game 2 online

Bringing to you some of the very best channels and services, plenty of them are present to watch Game 2 of State of Origin. However, among different channels, we have picked the best one.

Hence, come along as we will unwrap every single channel, one by one.

1. Watch using NRL

If you are eager to watch the State of Origin Game 2 online, you can use the NRL website for the same. Here, you will need a  minimal subscription charge whereas a compatible device and an internet connection is a necessity.

Coming down towards the quality of streaming, it’s above par whereas interruption and delay happens to the least extent. In terms of the device support section, the NRL website supports every sort of device. Ranging from the latest one to the older one, NRL is one good Rugby watching website.

2. Kayo

Especially if you live in the regions of Australia, you can use Kayo for watching the State of Origin Game 2 online. Here, at a pricing of $35 per month, you can access Kayo streaming packages and watch an endless series of sports events.

Also, when we talk about the device support, Kayo has gone above par. They offer support to every streaming device ranging from older ones to newer ones.

Even more, if you are the one who lives outside Australia, you can opt for a right VPN service provider. With this, you can test VPN service provider’s service and then choose from their plans.

3. Foxtel TV

For the people living in Australia and it’s neighboring region, choosing Foxtel for watching State of Origin matches is a better choice. Well, at the pricing of $25 per month, you can use Foxtel TV to watch an unlimited number of sports at a minimal price.

Still, apart from delivering plans at $25 per month, Foxtel TV offers streaming quality to the fullest extent. Even in the device compatibility section, you won’t get better device compatibility than Foxtel.

Last but not least, the company releases different sorts of free plans. Therefore, you can choose any of the free plans, test services, and then opt for paid subscription services.

4. Reddit

If you are looking for a free option to watch State of Origin Game 2 online, selecting Reddit is an absolute choice. With Reddit, you don’t need to pay for any subscription plans whereas you just require a Reddit account, device, and an internet connection.

Further, when we talk about the device compatibility, Reddit excels in this case too. They can be run on any single device ranging from the newest ones to older ones. All you require is a Reddit app or an Internet browser.

In Reddit, you will need to search for different subreddits. After which, you will get various streaming links. You can select the best streaming link from the rest and watch State of Origin Game 2 online, using Reddit, the best ever way.

Final Word of Mouth

Summing up the entire article, hope you have got different ways to watch State of Origin Game 2 online. Indeed, paid and free options are given to expand your choosing criteria to the fullest extent.

Still, as the game is about to start, you will have to make your decision, as early as possible. Move ahead, choose any of the above channels, and watch State of Origin Game 2 online, the best possible way.