A look at the rapid rise of Danton Heinen: one of the hottest young studs of the Boston Bruins

A Rough Start

Early on in the Boston Bruins training camp, there was talk about the upcoming first-year guys. Players like Jake DeBrusk, Anders Bjork, and Charlie Mcavoy were creating a buzz. But for Danton Heinen, his star was starting to slowly (and quietly) shine brightly.

The 22-year-old British Columbia native has no doubt made an impressive impact so far this season. He started out his career playing eight games before being sent down to Providence. After honing his skills in the AHL, Heinen has now become an integral part of the surge of young players. The best part of watching this team is how a player like Heinen has flown under the radar to only emerge as a top player for the black and gold.

A Call to Arms

While the Boston Bruins were plagued early on with injuries, Coach Bruce Cassidy had no other choice than to look to the “young guns” to stay competitive in the Atlantic Division. After starting the year in Providence, Heinen has quietly become a player that can complement any line. As of late, the Backes, Nash, and Heinen line have not only produced points with goals and assists. They have shown what this team is about; playing smart and winning battles- all without brute strength. Gone from the Bruins’ playing style is the Claude Julien method of dump and chase. What they have now is a team full of players that continue to grind out smart plays with a solid defense. Guys like Heinen have stepped up in every capacity and produce on whatever line Bruce Cassidy places him on. Cassidy commented on his player’s success, saying:

Danton has really grown his game, to be able to play with different flavors, or attributes, of different forwards”

In the last 34 games Danton Heinen has scored 10 goals, with 18 assists and 28 points. The 6’1″ forward is now third on the roster for points, right behind Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak. Not bad for a first-year player.

A Look Ahead

The Boston Bruins are in a good spot right now: a healthy team that is a productive mixture of first-year guys and veterans. The thing that stands out about this team is how well the players compliment each other. David Backes credits players Danton Heinen and Riley Nash in helping to improve his game on the ice since returning from surgery. Not only has Heinen been there for those important rebounds, his playing style is that of good, solid puck control, keeping the play alive and winning those crucial battles on the ice. And since coming back up from Providence after that rough start, Heinen has not wasted any time in getting those winning shot on goal. The Boston Bruins are now bouncing between being 2nd and 3rd in the Atlantic Division with a good amount of points ahead of the fourth-place team (currently Florida).

While the Bruins continue to outsmart and outplay other teams, there’s no question that for someone like Danton Heinen, having a good player attitude will only lead this team down the road of quickly becoming serious contenders for the Stanley Cup.