Up to this point in the regular season the Boston Bruins have had a relatively strange schedule. Currently they are in a stretch were they play four games in 16 days. That’s not something most NHL teams enjoy. But just as the old saying states: what goes around comes around. Unfortunately for the B’s March is coming around.

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Up to This Point

The Boston Bruins have played 55 games thus far, the second least amount in the NHL. Every time we check the standings it seems the B’s always has two or more games in hand on the opposition. This is mainly due to their relatively light schedule they have had the luxury of enjoying. They played 13 games in November, 14 in December and a measly 11 games in January. Although the Bruins have been the beneficiary of a lax schedule they still have had their share of back to backs. The Bruins have played seven sets of back to backs up to this point in the season. It’s actually rather odd how many significant gaps between games the Bruins have had. All in all the light workload has been huge for this B’s team as both the old and young players have been able to stay relatively healthy.

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What’s to Come

Do not get used to multiple days without hockey. Things are about to make a dramatic turn in the Bruins schedule. Throughout the entirety of March and April the Bruins have two days off in a row only once. Starting off with a grueling March schedule consisting of 16 games in the thick of the playoff race. The rest of the way the Bruins practically play a game every other night. Just as stated earlier, what goes around comes around. Every team plays 82 games, and the Bruins are about to feel the wrath of the NHL schedule.

Many people have been debating whether or not this Bruins team could win the Stanley Cup. The next two months will tell show us everything we need to see. The NHL playoffs are relentless and March is going to be the Bruins first taste of that. Let’s see how Chara and the young kids hold up when the miles start to add up. The Bruins are about to find out what it takes to win.


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