The Bruins released one of the best hype videos I have seen by a sports team, with the theme of listening to no one. Other than slamming local radio host Michael Felger, the video perfectly displays the harsh criticism that surrounded this team early on. The young inexperienced Bruins could have very easily allowed the pressure of local media to get in their heads. Instead, they listened to no one outside of the locker room. Now the team is poised to win the seventh Stanley cup in franchise history.

“There Are to Many Young Guys”

The video starts out with Felger saying, “This is what I think the issue with the team is, there are to many young guys”. Do not be fooled this opinion was rather popular. Many, including myself, thought this team was to young and inexperienced. Boy, we could not have been more wrong. The youth of this team is the reason they have been so successful. McAvoy, Pastranak, Heinen, Donato, Debrusk, Bjork, and Carlo are all players who have contributed to this team. None of them are over the age of 21. The teams biggest flaw rapidly developed into the team’s biggest strength. The young players have answered every single question they possibly could have in the regular season. Now the only test remaining is answering the bell when it matters most in the playoffs. Everyone is doubting their ability to handle a playoff atmosphere. But as the team has taught us, listen to no one.

“They Do Not Know What They Are Doing”

Next Felger claims, “There are too many guys running around who do not know what they are doing”. Fast forward and the Bruins are third in the NHL with 104 points, and have a shot at the President’s Trophy. It seems as if they may have a clue on what to do out on the ice. One of the flaws of having such a young offensively gifted group of players is that sometimes the defensive aspect gets glossed over. But the Bruins, as they have done all year long, continue to defy logic and reason.

Even with the abundance of youth on the roster the Bruins rank third in the NHL with an excellent 2.53 goals allowed per game. They also rank sixth in the NHL on the penalty kill, keeping the puck out of their own net 82.7 percent of the time. While Bruce Cassidy deserves a lot of credit for how defensively responsible this team is, the players play the game and the young players have shown they are not one-dimensional. Cassidy taught the team not to listen to no one but to use the hate as motivation.

“The Bruins Season Is Over”

Lastly Felger stated, “I think the Bruins season is over, I think they are done”. Right now the Bruins would play the Toronto Maple Leafs in the round one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. After Felger and the rest of Boston media deemed their season to be over in mid October. Any person with any hockey sense knows that the real reason this team got its act together is because Cassidy benched Tuukka Rask. Not because of what the local media was saying. Either way since mid-November the Boston Bruins are an insane 41-10-6. By far the best record in hockey in that span. To play that level of hockey for over three months is absolutely absurd. This team has lost major pieces to injury Bergeron, Chara, McAvoy and has not slowed down. They lost Brad Marchand, a Hart Trophy candidate, to a five game suspension and went 4-1. The depleted Bruins went into Tampa Bay one of if not the best team in hockey widely undermanned and shut them down 3-0.

Name the game, this team will beat you at it. Listen to no one this team has that it factor. Any team who has to face this team in the playoffs will have to lay down their lives, because the Bruins just do not quit. As the Bruins put it so perfectly hockey, “is in our blood”. So Boston, strap up, because the Boston Bruins will win the Stanley Cup.

Cover image courtesy of Causeway Crowd.