As the annual break up day came to a close, a quick decision was made by some of the Bruins players to opt to continue to play overseas. Czech mates David Pastrnak and David Krejci  continued on and represent their home country of the Czech Republic; a few days later Charlie McAvoy flew over to Copenhagen, Denmark to represent the USA in the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). They say no rest for the weary, and not even jet lag would keep both Krejci and Pastrnak from dazzling at a recent game against Russia. Charlie McAvoy represented the USA in a stellar performance , garnering two goals and two assists in his first game playing against Korea.

“It was a long day, got here a couple hours ago,” McAvoy said. “We have such a good team. It was a great opportunity for me to go out there and just feel the puck and get ready for the rest of tournament.”

Team USA C


Yesterday’s game against France saw Pastrnak scoring two quick goals as the Czech Republic defeated France 6-0. Along with Dmitrij Jaskin, both Davids are seeing success playing on the same line; Krejci has thus far recorded a point in every game in the Worlds.


Meanwhile, as the Czech Republic continues to seek their first gold since 2010, Team USA routed Norway yesterday in a 9-3 defeat. Once again, Charlie McAvoy, (whose knee seems to be getting better) got a goal and an assist. The United States are now in first for Group B with 16 points, three more than Finland, while the Czech republic is third in their group behind team Russia.

Team USA will have a tough opponent on Tuesday as they face Finland. The Czechs will face Austria on Monday. As the trio of Bruins players continue to find success overseas, fans will look to see that success translate back home in Boston when the new season starts. Check out the highlights of Team USA vs Team Norway: