Trader Danny

10 years ago, in the summer of 2007, the Celtics were in the middle of some serious changes. Danny Ainge worked the phones, and pulled off deals to bring both Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to Boston. Along with Pierce, they formed the “Boston Three Party,” and went on to win a championship in their first year together. A decade later, the madness is repeating itself in similar fashion. The overhaul is significant- Stevens has 10 new players that are expected to make the final roster. Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward are the all-star additions this time around. Along with Al Horford, they will to try to repeat the success of the Big Three from a decade ago.

Legends made in the finals

The 2008 team had one key element that the current one lacks.  And that’s a true Captain in Paul Pierce. He had already done some incredible things in a Celtics jersey, and all that he lacked to verify his status as a great was the Larry O’Brien trophy. He got the undeniable stamp of approval that year. In fact, did us one better, taking home the Bill Russell trophy as well, designated for the Finals MVP. He pulled off what seemed like would never happen for him- he became the king on top of the NBA’s highest mountain. More importantly, he stuck around in Boston despite some truly rough years, determined to win it all wearing the glorified green and white.  A true Celtic then, and now, a true Celtic legend. His jersey will head for the rafters during the Cavs game on Feb. 11, 2018.

One retires, one steps up

Enter Kyrie Irving. It’s all too fitting that Kyrie will be watching this from a Celtic point of view, just as it is that the game is against his old team. He has already reached incredible heights in the NBA with the Cavaliers, winning an NBA championship and Finals MVP in the same year, just as Pierce did. His jersey should be retired by them. But will he do enough with his new team to reach those same heights and beyond? Will he have a night dedicated to his accomplishments as a Celtic? Irving talks about learning what it takes to be great more than anything; it consumes him. So when the legend of Paul Pierce is celebrated this season, Irving will be paying close attention.  He is now in position to follow Pierce’s footsteps all the way to the rafters of TD Garden.