Nov 3, 2017; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; The Boston Celtics celebrate after defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Celtics’ 16-3 start is perhaps one of the biggest shocks of the NBA season, and they’ve done it all without Gordon Hayward. With a roster that is built to win now and in the future, the Celtics have no plans of slowing down. Thanks to the talented youth Danny Ainge has stockpiled, this team is set to dominate the eastern conference for years.

Kyrie’s Leadership

Kyrie’s arrival to the Boston Celtics was met with questions from skeptics who were unconvinced about seemingly every aspect of his game except offense. They didn’t think his style of play would hold up under Brad Stevens’ system. The Boston Celtics are a defensive minded team that like to move the ball around on offense. Kyrie Irving was none of those things with the Cavaliers. However, in his short time with the Celtics, Irving has rushed to answer these questions. He has been able to facilitate the offense while still scoring at will. His defense has been stellar, a far cry from his reputation with the Cavaliers.

But the main concern coming from skeptics around the league was if he could win without LeBron James. It is still early, but so far it seems Kyrie Irving does not need LeBron James to win games. The Kyrie-led Celtics are 16-3; the league’s best record. Their three signature wins came against the Spurs, the Thunder, and the Warriors. The LeBron-led Cavaliers are just 11-7. Despite all of the skeptics, it is clear Kyrie is able to be the face of a franchise.

Soon, Kyrie Irving will dethrone LeBron James and become the new king of the eastern conference.

Celtics’ Youth

Waltham-06/30/2017- The Boston Celtics held a summer league at their practice facility. Jayson Tatum(left) and Jaylen Brown chat during a drill. John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe(sports)

This year, the best team in the league is also one of the youngest. The average age of the Boston Celtics is an intriguingly low 24 years old. Only four teams in the league have teams that are younger than the Celtics. Typically, young teams tend to struggle in the NBA. However, the Celtics have been able to win games with one of the youngest rosters in the league. Their conference rivals, the Cleveland Cavaliers, are polar opposites.

Their average age is 30, and they are not getting any younger. As teams get older, they become fragile. Their star point guard, Isaiah Thomas, will be out until January with a hip injury. Dwayne Wade and Derrick Rose have also had injuries this season. The age of the Cavaliers means they are running out of time. Most of their star players are on the backsides of career. The Boston Celtics, however, are outfitted with a roster that is filled with potential. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are already showing signs that they will be stars in this league. Kyrie Irving is already an NBA champion and is only 25 years old. These players are going to be the core of this team for years to come.

In less than three years, the Celtics will begin their run of dominance in the east that could last for up to a decade.