Yesterday, the Phoenix Suns agreed to buyout the contract of Greg Monroe, essentially making him available to go elsewhere. The 6’11” center spent some time in Detroit and Milwaukee as well, and now he’s got a lot of interest from around the league. But wouldn’t Boston make the most sense?

Greg Monroe as a Celtic

The Celtics only have one true center in Aron Baynes, which I’m sorry to say isn’t enough. Baynes is only averaging 5.2 rebounds a game. A bit low for a big man don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong, he’s defended other big men very well, but the Celtics need more help. Greg Monroe would be more than ideal. So far this year, he is averaging 10.4 points and 7.4 rebounds. And not to bring age into the conversation, but Monroe is 27 and Baynes is 31. I think having someone like Monroe starting and have Baynes come off the bench could only make this team better. Besides, Baynes has proven himself sufficient in that role thus far. It’s always great to have guys like Horford and even Theis who can switch and play the 5, but at some point you’re going to need a true center. More than one to be exact! Nabbing Monroe would fix that AND the rebounding problem. More possessions = more point opportunities.

What Else Can You Do with that DPE?

I’ve heard some rumors circulating that the Celtics, among other teams, have expressed interest in the Grizzlies’ Tyreke Evans. He didn’t even play last night— that’s how serious the Grizzlies are about trading him. But if I’m not mistaken, wouldn’t the Cs have to give something in return? Would it mean… no. Not even going to think about it because it’s ridiculous. We don’t need another guard. We need another TRUE center to get blocks and most importantly, rebounds. The Cs lose the battle on rebounds sometimes, and it’s usually the difference between a win and a loss. I’m telling you, Greg Monroe is the way to go!


Shout out to Terry Rozier for his first career start AND triple double. I’m sure Kyrie was very proud. Let’s hope the Cs can carry that momentum into Friday when they host the Hawks. Oh, and let’s hope Danny get’s moving on using that DPE (*cough* on Monroe *cough*).