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In this day and age in the NBA, there are not many “great” coaches left in this league. Coaches in today’s NBA come and go as often as the season change, but there are just a handful that stay planted with an organization or that can be considered great. Brad Stevens of your Boston Celtics has become one of those coaches.

Let’s take a look at some reason why Coach Stevens is more than deserving of NBA Coach of the Year:

Making The Case

Since Brad Stevens has taken over this team, all they have done is WIN and PRODUCE. Players within the organization and around the league love this guy’s system and have shown an interest in playing for him (Kyrie Irving). No matter who the player is, where they came from, or how many minutes they play, Coach Stevens always seem to get full effort and production from his guys on any given night and not many coaches can accomplish that.

Whether Coach Stevens is switching lineups/rotations due to injuries or match-ups, the team can contend on a nightly basis. Take a look at last year, when we had guys like Kelly Olynyk and Jonas Jerebko on the floor in big games. Maybe it was lingering injuries to guys like IT4 or Avery Bradley. It didn’t matter, because Coach Stevens got these guys to push through and battle in every single game. Even the roster Coach Stevens has dealt with hasn’t had too many superstars, but rather role players who were successful in his system and lead us on deep playoff runs.

Then there is this season, which has been a disaster for Brad and the organization as a whole. First it was prized free agent signing and former Butler alum Gordon Hayward going down with a gruesome ankle injury vs. LeBron and the Cavs that made everyone spit their dinner out. Then, throughout the entirety of the season they lost Marcus Smart, Daniel Theis, and KYRIE IRVING. Kyrie’s done for the regular season AND playoffs.


With young guys like Rozier, Tatum, and Jaylen Brown playing like seasoned vets, the Celtics are still poised to make a run in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Also, let’s not forget how incredible Marcus Morris has been for us. Not many people in Celtics Nation were supportive of this move, but man did I LOVE IT. Bully Morris has been a blessing in disguise, and whether he starts or comes in off the bench, this man GETS BUCKETS! In Steven’s system, Morris has turned into a scorer whenever he is called upon, and even hit a HUGE game winning three at the buzzer with the C’s completely undermanned. This again has to do with how Brad uses his guys and trusts their ability to help the team win.

Let’s take a look at the small sample Brad Stevens has provided with us already:

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Stevens has compiled a record of 220 wins and 187 losses with a win percentage of .541% . Not a bad start for a guy who just turned 41. Stevens gets high praise from almost every player in the league, and coaching legends like Greg Popovich.


Closing Argument:

Bottom line, Brad Stevens gets it. Since coming into the league, Brad has been a student of the game, while making the jump from Butler to the C’s. Now, Brad has become the ULTIMATE teacher. With all the injuries this team has they are still a top five team in the NBA. Look out for Brad; his guys are completely fired up and ready for a playoff run. Even without Kyrie and Gordon, this team is going to surprise you. I cant wait to see what the future holds as a Celtics fan!


Prediction – Brad wins coach of the year