It’s been just a day since Kyrie Irving caused a storm of rumors centered around his future with the Celtics. On Monday, he spoke once more on the topic. In an interview with Boston Sports Journal, Irving expressed his excitement to get back on the court next season and play with a completely healthy group.

“I’m just excited to see what that looks like, really getting that experience with (Hayward) and seeing what other pieces we have going forward,” Irving told BSJ’s Brian Robb. “I think that’s the exciting part about all this is that when you’re shaping up to gear up to be a championship-caliber team for years to come- which I think (Danny Ainge) has echoed for a little bit. I’m just appreciative to be a part of it and see where my career can take off as well. I’m excited.”

It’s safe to presume that Kyrie Irving is excited about next season and what the future has in store. While this statement does expand upon his earlier quote published by NY Times’ Sopan Deb, it still leaves a bit of ambiguity in the air for further interpretation on his long-term future with the team.

Esoteric Kyrie

Anyone who knows Kyrie Irving should expect this level of vagueness out of him in response to such a question. Irving has always been the ‘live in the present type’ of guy. He is famous for his obscure statements about topics such as the flat Earth theory, diet preferences, faked moon landings, and the nonexistence of dinosaurs.

Kyrie Irving is either a major conspiracy theorist, or one of the NBA’s biggest trolls. He tends to take long-winded routes to his response to even the simplest questions. Take this post game interview with Jaylen Brown for instance.

If Kyrie Irving was asked about what he was going to eat for dinner later, he would probably tell you that he needs to focus on lunch first. He would follow that up with another two or three sentence response about why he feels that way. Expecting Kyrie to commit his future to the Celtics with a year left on his contract just isn’t realistic.

Kyrie In the Present

What the world knows now is that in the present Kyrie Irving is happy. He is excited to get back to basketball and play with a good young group of guys. Kyrie cannot wait to see fellow All-Star Gordon Hayward back at full health. He’s also ecstatic about the direction the organization is heading in, and he is excited to be a part of it.

The Celtics will have to wait another year before Kyrie Irving makes a decision on his future with the franchise. Until that day arrives, Celtics fans should relax and enjoy the ride. Oh, and definitely some more of this.