Robert Williams Hasn’t Made the Best Entrance in Boston

Robert Williams…it’s been rough so far. The first-round draft pick missed his introductory conference call because he overslept. Though he eventually did connect with the team and with media, it wasn’t a great start. Then today, reports surfaced that Williams missed the first Summer League practice with the team-because he missed his flight to Boston. Jay Larranaga, the Celtics’ Summer League team coach, told media that the team was disappointed in Williams, but will handle the matter internally.

Come on now, Robert. You’d think that after one mishap like this occurred, he would have learned his lesson. This now marks two instances in which simple negligence led to a headache for the team. It’s no coincidence that one of the big question marks for Williams before he was drafted was his work ethic. It’s now concerning to see this occurring from Williams again. However, there’s no doubt that Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens knew what they were getting into when they chose him. Hopefully, they can whip him into shape soon.

This isn’t the biggest problem in the world. Remember when Marcus Smart punched a picture in a hotel and was out for weeks? This isn’t nearly as bad as that. It just isn’t something you want to see from a guy in his first few weeks with the team, especially not after the oversleeping incident. This was Williams’ first team activity in Boston, and he missed out because of mistakes of his own accord. He can’t keep pulling stuff like this if he wants to make a good impression on the team and the fans. He should be present at the next team practice, as he was en route to the facilities, according to recent reports. If he performs well in Las Vegas, people will soon forget about his shaky start with the franchise.

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