Welcome back to the Celtics season tipoff countdown!

Each day, we’ll give a review of news surrounding the Celtics. We’ll also look back in history to see what happened on today’s date in team history (August 12th). To round out the day’s post, we’ll give you stats and fun facts related to the number of days remaining before the first game (64 today). Let’s get to it!

Recent Team News

Former Celtic Isaiah Thomas caught a lot of attention today for comments made on an Instagram Live video. In the viral clip, he started out by saying “Sac (Sacramento), LA, and Boston was all love.” He then, however, went on to claim, “Cleveland was a s—hole. I can see why Bron left. Again.” The clip drew outrage from many around the NBA, and Thomas later apologized for the comments he made in a tweet that he sent shortly after the video surfaced.


On This Date

August 12, 1969: The Celtics were sold for a price of six million dollars to a new owner. At the time, it was the largest ever sale of a sports team.

August 12, 1976: Antoine Walker is born. The Celtics selected Walker sixth overall in the 1996 draft. He played for the franchise for eight years from 1996-2004, and a short stint in 2005. In his time with the Celtics, he averaged 20.6 points, 8.7 rebounds, and 4.1 assists.


Stats (2017-18)

  • Jaylen Brown shot 64% from the free throw line. On the season, he converted 150 of 233 shots from the charity stripe.

Via CelticsBlog

Fun Facts

  • The Celtics continued their dynastic run by adding another championship to their trophy case in 1964. The team secured their 7th title, going 59-21 on the season under coach Red Auerbach. They defeated the San Fransisco Warriors in five games to win the trophy.

That concludes today’s Countdown to Celtics Tipoff. Make sure to be back here tomorrow as the clock continues to tick towards the 2018-19 season!