Boston Celtics’ guard Terry Rozier said he’s on a very special team. He is not going to make predictions about the upcoming season, but he was very confident.

Rozier Sees Something Special


Terry took a few minutes off from his youth basketball camp to talk about the Celtics’ expectations. He used the term ‘special’ often when referring to his team.

“We are special. Super special. We are good on paper, we just gotta get it together, and make sure everyone comes in with the same mindset. And I feel this will be a special group.”

When asked to give specifics about his expectations for this team, he didn’t want to make any predictions.

“We look good on paper. With the two main guys back, along with guys added through the draft and re-signed.” He reiterated, “We are special, It’s special. It’s going to be a special, special year.”

Rozier Shared Some Thoughts About LeBron’s Departure

Disappointed that LeBron left the East, Jaylen Brown commented how he wanted to go through LeBron to reach the NBA finals. Along with his prediction of making the finals this year, the interview brought a great reaction from ‘Scary Terry’.

“I really don’t care…The league is watered down as it is.  Everyone’s making different moves, I’m only worried about the Boston Celtics…We’re just trying to figure out how we can get better.“

Personally, I wanted to see if he shared the same sentiment as Brown does with the finals guarantee. After asking the guard if he would second that prediction, he smiled and repeated, “It’s going to be a special year, a special year.”

At the end of the day, the kids had a great time. Terry Rozier was teaching them to be like him and always have confidence in yourself. With Irving and Hayward coming back this year, Rozier acknowledged that guys will have to sacrifice, saying “There’s gonna have to be if you want to win a championship.” This year’s Celtics team has a shared goal which is to win it all. Rozier let everyone know that this year is “going to be a lot of fun.” Banner 18 coming soon?