The Celtics showed with their NBA Draft class that they were on route to building a young team with raw talent. This inadvertently resulted in the C’s freeing up about $28 million in cap space. The Celtics will most likely look for guys that will fit the timetable of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. This makes Malcolm Brogdon an ideal target for them in Free Agency.



Malcolm Brogdon is a point guard who stands at 6’5″, 229 pounds. He is 26 years old, and won Rookie of the Year in 2017. He has played most of his career on limited minutes behind Eric Bledsoe, and with injuries he has rarely started games for the Bucks. Brogdon willingly accepted his bench role and did whatever he could do to help his team win. He’ll be a restricted free agent come July, and will garner roughly 10-12M a year. Boston will have more than enough cap space to acquire his services.

Why the Celtics should sign him

The Celtics’ point guard woes are very well documented. Kyrie Irving is set to sign with Brooklyn, and Terry Rozier wants to leave. The Celtics have two rookies at point guard in Carsen Edwards and Tremont Waters. Brogdon has played for three years in the league, and at 26 fits the timetable of this young Celtics team. Brogdon defends with every ounce of effort, even though he’s not the best on defense. He’s a good shooter, knows how to utilize his teammates, and responds well to coaching. He is an exceptional athlete, as shown here. Brogdon’s biggest asset may be his low mileage. He averaged 17.4 minutes per game with the Bucks. His light usage means he’ll be more helpful to Boston in the long run. He has no outstanding ego and is typically a ‘team-first’ guy.

Via Sports Illustrated

Will he sign with Boston?

The C’s will make an offer to Brogdon because of need. As a restricted free agent, the Celtics only need worry about the Bucks matching their offer. While Milwaukee has other high-priority free agents, Brogdon is an asset they may want to keep. The high cost of their other stars may mean the Bucks won’t retain him. In conclusion, a 4yr/$12M deal should allow Boston to procure his services and that is something they absolutely should explore.