Amidst the impending decisions of big fish like Kevin Durant, players like Kemba Walker became lost in the shuffle. However, the Celtics have emerged as front runners for Walker come July 1st. Many see this as iffy, considering it would leave Boston with $1.8 Million left in cap space. I’m here to tell you why this is a great signing for the C’s.

Walker averaged 25.8 points per game and 5.9 assists

Fills the void at Point Guard

The Celtics are watching both Kyrie Irving and Terry Rozier walk out the door on Sunday. That would leave them with two unproven rookies in Carsen Edwards and Tremont Waters. Kemba Walker is a multi-time All-Star who is coming off his best statistical season and entering his prime. He’ll bring high-quality play and production to a team in desperate need of a play-maker at the 1.

Invaluable Leadership

The Celtics have built a very young team where all players are 25 and younger. There is no clear-cut leader among the pack. This is why Kemba would be invaluable. He was lauded as a high-quality leader and teammate by his Charlotte teammates. Kemba is an unselfish player who loves being a team player as much as being a superstar. As such, he doesn’t posses a dominating ego like Kyrie, so the young stars should be more willing to listen to him. His leadership would soften the blow of Al Horford leaving.

Kemba’s return to New England puts Boston back on the map.

Flip the Script on the Boston Celtics

When it comes to the NBA, Boston has typically not been a marquee destination for free agents. The exits of Kyrie Irving and Al Horford have only helped keep this notion alive. Kemba Walker would flip this on its head. Not only would Boston land an All-Star after two leave, but it would be a guy who picked Boston. They become a destination for stars and become contenders again in one fell swoop. Kemba Walker is the ideal solution for the Celtics, and signing him shouldn’t warrant a second thought