Kevin Durant is set to be the marquee free agent this summer. With Golden State having helped him win two titles, it’s time for KD to cement his legacy elsewhere. Many believe he may be headed to Brooklyn or the Knicks to lead them to the promised land. However, the one place Durant should really go to is Boston. Here’s why;

Durant and OKC blew a 3-1 lead in the 2017 WCF

1. He Needs to win somewhere else

Kevin Durant is most infamous for jumping ship to the Warriors from the Oklahoma City Thunder. KD has yet to reach a Finals, let alone win one, without the help of an established dynasty. Boston hasn’t reached an NBA Final since 2010, almost a decade. These two can accomplish great things together and rewrite both their legacies.

2. He was almost here before

Before Kevin Durant made his choice to join the Golden State Warriors, he was almost a Celtic. Many Boston athletes like Julian Edelman were all-in on recruitment. Durant saw plenty enough to have the team on the table, so why not go back? He’d be an immediate superstar and is still wanted by the front office of the C’s.

Anthony Davis has been linked to multiple teams, including the Celtics

3. Anthony Davis

The Celtics are one of the many teams linked to Anthony Davis, and have the resources to go out and get him. Durant has played next to many great stars, and always performs better because of it. If the Celtics can make AD in Boston in a reality, than Kevin Durant would be hard-pressed to say no if Boston makes an offer. A KD-AD pairing would be nigh-unstoppable in this NBA and give Boston some much-needed star power.

4. The perfect pair to change their legacy

The Boston Celtics found themselves the only team in their city not in the finals this year. On top of that, Kyrie Irving seems as good as gone, and shows Boston has a hard time winning with big stars. Kevin Durant took the easy road to winning, but wants to rebuild his legacy. If Boston can make it work with Durant, and KD can lift the Celtics to the Finals, then both could be restored. Boston would have success with a star player again and erase the Kyrie saga. Kevin Durant would win with a team that needed him and prove he didn’t need Golden State to win.