Super Teams

The NBA has become a haven for super teams. NBA stars can decide their own fates and choose wherever they want to play via free agency. Sure it makes NBA Live a more fun game to play, but it leaves the NBA reality in turmoil as players jump ship to chase championships. Can we really blame them? The pressure to be one of the greatest ever carries a heavy weight, and championships are part of the burden.

This whole thing happened because LeBron James is so obsessed with being considered the greatest of all time, that he made “The Decision” to take his talents to South Beach. The team up with Dwayne Wade, arguably the best player in the league at the time, or at least a top five player and MVP candidate still in his prime, was monumental. It’s all because King James could not beat the big three Boston Celtics.

Let’s clarify something right now. The 2008 Celtics team was created by the GM via trade, not by ring chasing players. King James jumped ship, and the rest is history.

Then came Kevin Durant. I really liked KD until this move. I still think he’s better than LeBron, but come on, really? The move to Golden State was drastic. It shifted the balance in the league and made it virtually impossible for anyone to overcome the Warriors, especially in a seven game series.

The Chain Reaction

Now this chain reaction of a series of moves made by players signing with teams to hopefully compete with the Warriors begins.

Chris Paul to Houston, Gordon Hayward to Boston, LaMarcus Aldridge to the Spurs, etc. You get the idea. All of this because LeBron couldn’t beat the Celtics.

The unfortunate truth for the NBA is that there is no end in sight. This will continue to happen. Superstars will jump ship and go to larger markets as free agents and team up with other superstars. It has become a reality of the NBA. Some fans will enjoy it, and others will not. I personally hate the concept of free agents creating super teams. However, I do love it when I’m playing NBA Live.

Aaron Matteos

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