Is this the year that the Red Sox win the World Series?  Is it all or nothing this season or are we satisfied with just making the playoffs and taking our chances?  The Red Sox have one move that could possibly make them a scary contender for the post-season (and maybe for years to come). Could possibly mortgaging the future for winning right now pay off?  Let’s explore and see what you think.

Giancarlo Stanton To The Red Sox

Do I have your attention?  This move is a real possibility right now.  The Miami Marlins have placed the South Beach Slammer on waivers, which he has cleared.  The Marlins will transition  to a new ownership group (good thing because Lauria is a clown) that includes Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan.  I guess the reason that Stanton was placed on waivers is to reduce payroll.  At $30M per season, losing that salary would lower anyone’s payroll.  Stanton contract extends for another ten years so no fear of not having him under control, contract wise.

Worth The Cost?

This question really needs an answer.  What do the Red Sox have to give up to get this behemoth in a Sox uniform for some time to come?  There are a couple of options that the Marlins might bite on to make this deal a reality.  The key to the deal?  Not too many teams can handle the salary that they would have to take on.  That limits the teams in the running, which works in the Red Sox favor.

One of the options gives the Marlins Jackie Bradley Jr., Joe Kelly, and Xander Bogaerts.  Before all of you folks throw me under the bus, I don’t want to lose any players.  You have to give up something to get something and this would work.  Yes, you lose a great defensive outfielder but you have Benintendi and Betts along with the acquired Stanton.

The team would suffer some defensively, but remain pretty damn good if you ask me.  This deal would likely require Betts moving to center and slotting Stanton in right.  Playing Fenway’s right field takes some work, so you pick where Stanton should go.  Nunez could replace Bogaerts.  This would allow Pedroia to stay at second and Devers playing third.  This plan doesn’t look so far fetched now, does it folks?

Another more radical theory on how the Red Sox could make this deal work gives the Marlins David Price in exchange for Stanton instead.  This does not shave a ton off of the Marlins payroll, so they may be the roadblock to this type of deal happening.  With all of the drama between Price and Eckersley, this may be a more popular move with Sox fans than you might think.  As Dr. Phil has said many times “save the drama for your Mama,” and I agree wholeheartedly.

What Does Stanton Bring To The Lineup?

Inserting Stanton into this lineup gives you an incredible power bat that the Red Sox have been missing since Papi retired.  Stanton is not your average power hitter, but a perennial bomber for years to come.  He has power to all fields and could possibly make the Green Monster seats look like the flight path at Logan.  A mere 27 years old, just reaching the prime of his career, his best is likely not behind him.  Stanton looks like a fairly solid outfielder but not as solid as the current occupant.  He’ll look like a like a drop off, but honestly he should be fine.  Stanton sports a respectable .268 career batting average, so he is not just an all-or-nothing homer run hitter (looking at you now Aaron Judge).

The Stanton Safety Net

Having made the player shifts to acquire Stanton, the Red Sox order would look a little different then it does now obviously.  With the continued bench presence of Chris Young and Brock Holt, there is always the possibility of giving players the needed days off if required.  You lead off with with Betts, Benintendi, Hanley, Pedroia, Stanton, Moreland, Nunez, and Devers in whatever order you want.  Good luck to the opposing pitchers and managers facing that type of offense.

In the second scenario, if we actually send David Price to the Marlins, the team faces more of a challenge.  This year might be tough to cover but hopefully with the return of Steven Wright, the return-to-form of Porcello, and the crazy condor-like Chris Sale, the future looks not bad on the mound.  All of this and no drama between Price and Eckersley unless it’s a road game isn’t so bad either.

Pay to play

In closing, I think that the Red Sox should shake things up a little bit and take the plunge to challenge for the World Series title.  I believe that this deal makes them a contender for the present and the future with either scenario.  The deal would require Stanton to approve it since he has a movement restrictive clause in his contract.  By the sound of everything we’ve heard, Stanton just wants to win and the Red Sox would certainly fit the requirements.

I would be interested to hear other people’s ideas on this concept.  As you can see, it is not as far fetched as you might think.  Let’s see how ambitious the Red Sox are in pursuit of the scariest hitter in MLB.  Let’s Go Red Sox