When people go to any sporting event in this case baseball, it’s a time when people come together to watch their team play and win. It’s a time during the game when the politics should stop and it’s all about cheering for your team. In this case players that go to Red Sox games from opposing teams some say they have heard racial slurs. It’s not right but doesn’t make the City of Boston racist cause of some stupid fan.

In regards to John Henry’s comments about the “Yawkey Way” sign, if your going to replace it in my opinion don’t say it’s because Tom Yawkey was racist and it hurts the image of the Red Sox. If it hurt the image of the Red Sox John you wouldn’t name a bridge after David Ortiz, probably wouldn’t even have signed him, and wouldn’t have signed Pedro Martinez.

It’s all about politics and the image. All I care about is winning games every night. Apparently that’s not what Henry cares about, he cares about a sign that has been a street name forever because it hurts the image of the Red Sox, give me a break. If the Red Sox lose and people stop going then that’s when the image will hurt them. It shouldn’t matter what a street name says.

When Tom Yawkey owned the Red Sox that’s was a long time ago when race was a problem, people will always find a problem some are just negative. It wasn’t right he was racist but like I said all that should matter is the performance on the field. Not some arrogant fan, or some street sign. When you go to a game all that nonsense should go away and just have fun.

I love sports and when I go to Fenway Park all that bad stuff around the world and this Country leaves the mind so you can enjoy a game and hope the Red Sox win. If Henry just came out and said we want to change the name of “Yawkey Way ” we would like to name it something a little more current then that would’ve been fine. Like be Bill Belichick with it don’t say something and bring up politics, you should just go back to you’re soccer team and watch Liverpool. Be quiet mouthed about it like he litterly told the paper what he said to the Mayor why? To draw controversy and to get people talking. He should’ve just kept it simple with the media like Belichick does but nope.

If they do take it down I saw on Twitter that they could name it “Jimmy Fund Way,” why don’t you just make it “David Ortiz Way,” or leave it the way it is. Whatever they decide makes no difference all that matters is the Red Sox win games.