Since David Price went on the DL, the $31M dollar pitcher has had very little to say. The Red Sox have played well and still hold first place in the Division. But where is David Price? When will he come back?

The Red Sox need Price back because when he gets into a groove he can be unstoppable. But lately, the only ace I can see on this team is Chris Sale. The guy pitches with the  attitude of a winner.  Just what the Red Sox needed.

Cheese with that whine?

Price  has whined, complained, and hauled off on at Dennis Eckersely. My advice for Price would be do your talking on the mound and pitch well before you open your mouth. Price has been mouthy since he got here and it’s clear he hates Boston when he said he’d rather go home to his mother-in-law.

I want to see David Price win a playoff game before he opens his mouth. It’s almost like the Red Sox keep Price from pitching so his mouth doesn’t become a distraction. With him on the DL they are better,  but will they win a playoff series without him? I’m sorry to say that answer is no.

The Red Sox have a big series with Cleveland followed by Baltimore this weekend. Price hasn’t walked onto the mound recently, so you have to wonder —  is he hurt or did the Red Sox just make this up? I really hope he pitches well and proves his doubters wrong. The guy needs to live up to his contract,  which clearly he has not done.  Most likely he will  opt out after next season. But I’m looking forward to seeing him come back, and find out if he just pitches and and can shut up.