Red Sox About To Get Swept Again

The Boston Red Sox face another swept for the second year in a row in the ALDS. Chris Sale, allegedly the ace, pitched game one.  He hadn’t pitched a postseason game befor, but he should have been fine, right? Wrong! He pitched five innings, gave up nine hits, seven runs, three home runs and had an ERA of 12.60. Some Red Sox fans need to wake up.   Winning the American League East means nothing if you can’t make it past the first round of the playoffs.

Red Sox in the Playoffs — A Circus

All Red Sox pitchers yesterday gave up 12 hits, eight runs, had eight strikeouts, but gave up four home runs. When Nunez gets up in the first inning, he can’t even make it to first base. He fell on his face in pain. He had to be carried off the field by John Farrell and a trainer.   Jose Altuve stole the show, hitting three homers for a 8-2 blowout win.

Red Sox Outscored 30-10 in ALDS 2016/2017


Deja vu all over again.  The same as last season in the playoffs.   The Red Sox have been outscored 30-11 from last year’s ALDS to this. Which means Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi, Christian Vasquez — the core of this team–  have yet to win a playoff game.  They get to this stage with a full head of steam, and they completely choke. These guys can’t live up to the hype. The Red Sox had Drew Pomeranz going today and his good season completely goes out the window. He pitched just two innings, gave up five hits and four runs, one strikeout, two home runs, and an ERA of 18.00.

To make matters worse, Betts leaves the game after his last at bat, re-injuring his left wrist.   With the 8 -2 loss, the pitching gave up 12 hits, eight runs, two homers, five strikeouts, and six walks. The Red Sox and Astros play again Sunday afternoon at Fenway Park with Doug Fister on the mound.  If the Sox lose, either Betts, or Benintendi will be gone in the offseason for a power hitter, because boy do they need one.