John Farrell on MLB Network

John Farrell exits as Red Sox manager.

John Farrell was fired and Alex Cora was named the new Red Sox manager. On Wednesday’s Hot Stove Show on MLB Network, Farrell opened up about his firing. He admitted that it was hard for him to accept the firing after the success he had:

“In some ways, yes, because I felt we as a team, as an organization, as a coaching staff, we were proud of the number of accomplishments that we had there. Including as you saw in 2013 and back-to-back championships in the AL East the last couple of years”.

Farrell Respects The Firing

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell speaks during a news conference, Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017, before his team’s workout as they prepare for Sunday’s Game 3 of baseball’s American League Division Series against the Houston Astros in Boston. (AP Photo/Bill Sikes)

Farrell had a record of 432-378 in the regular season with the Red Sox. He also talked about how everything has a shelf life:

“But hey, every situation has a shelf life and a change was made. I respect the change that did take place.”

Farrell gave credit to Alex Cora and that championships matter in this city, not just winning the division.

“Coming out of five years in which there might have been the most scrutiny on a team. On an individual player or a manager, and that’s Boston. But that’s also what draws people to those places,” he said. “The expectation is high and the ability to win is there every single year. If that’s not in your DNA, if that’s not what you aspire to do. To win then maybe those places aren’t for you.”

Farrell Gives Advice to Alex Cora and Aaron Boone

He also talked about the scrutiny that Alex Cora now faces as the manager of the Red Sox. His advice also reached out to Aaron Boone, who is the manager of the Yankees.

“They need to understand it’s the seat in which they sit in, it’s not them individually and personally. Things are going to get thrown their way just because of the job that you have.”

Farrell also said he’s talked to other teams but will take some down time. A year ago today the Red Sox singed Chris Sale. A year later they have a new manager and are looking for a power hitter.