Are the Red Sox Going to Do Something?

The quiet Red Sox offseason so far might be heating up soon. According to reports, the Red Sox are interested in Orioles power hitter Manny Machado. Machado hit 33 home runs last season and had a batting average of .259. If the Red Sox do get Machado they would only have him for one season. Now they can do one of two things. One, the Sox get the power hitter they need and trade Xander Bogaerts to at least be competitive with the Yankees. Or they keep the team they have and just watch the Yankees walk away with the division.

Manny Machado Rumors

If the Red Sox land Machado and he works out this year, they could offer an extension to him. But if he doesn’t work out they’re back to where they started this season. The Red Sox really don’t have a farm system. Dave Dombrowski has traded away some good young talent for mediocre talent. Machado and the little leader Dustin Pedroia had some drama last season but seem to have made up since then. According to Rob Bradford of WEEI, sources say that it would be misrepresenting to suggest that the Red Sox are on the doorstep or pounding at the door.

Who Will The Red Sox Trade Away?

Jon Morosi from reported on MLB Network “Sources: showing continued trade interest in Manny Machado, as I reported this hour on in our segment with “. Will Dan Duquette do business with Dave Dombrowski and make this trade happen? That remains to be seen but the two did work together with the Montreal Expos. The Orioles put Machado on the trading block. But took him off December 20th because they weren’t happy with the offers they were getting. Andrew Benintendi isn’t going anywhere but I would trade Jackie Bradley or Bogaerts.