We Finally Got Martinez

We got him! Finally, after TEN MILLION YEARS of waiting we landed a deal with J.D. Martinez. I have to be honest, I wish I was more excited about this. The guy took FOREVER to sign. So at this point, instead of being hyped up about this signing, I’m just like “Oh, okay. I expected to hear that eventually.” It’s almost like being a kid finding presents your parents got you somewhere in the attic just before Christmas. So the next morning you act all surprised and excited when deep down inside you’re just like “Yeah, that’s cool. I knew I was getting that present anyway.” Kind of sucks to be honest, but hey we finally got him. Life is good. The Red Sox are good. Everything’s great!

J.D. comes to Beantown signing a deal worth 5 years and $110 million with an opt-out after two seasons. Last season with both Detroit and Arizona, J.D. hit a .303 average, with 45 homers, and 104 runs knocked in. Adding to that with a .690 slugging and .376 on base percentages.

Boston needed to get this deal done. Dave Dombrowski has now delivered on his promises every season he’s been here. Price in 2016, Sale in 2017, and now J.D. in 2018. Martinez was projected to sign with Boston the moment the World Series ended, and there was no doubt the deal eventually would’ve been done. Now that Martinez signed the Red Sox can potentially contend against the Yankees and other dominant teams around the league.

The Possibilities Are Endless

With J.D. in Boston there are now so many different possibilities for the team. He wants to be an outfielder in Boston, which could leave to a possible move in JBJ if it comes to it. Then they could move either Benintendi or Mookie to center with J.D. in right. If he is willing to DH it could move Hanley to first, thus benching Moreland. There could even be a possible Hanley deal. Only time will really tell, but this is a huge move for Boston and could really open up a potential World Series bid.

To sum up my thoughts really, it’s hard for me to be excited about this because of how long it took for this guy to sign. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m excited! This is just the piece we needed to contend for the World Series. Not like I don’t think we’re going to win the World Series every year, but this really makes us look like a legitimate threat to the American League. I’m excited. Everyone’s excited. World Series 2018.