Spring Training Has Started

Via USA Today

The Boston Red Sox begin Spring Training games this week. It already seems like the vibe in Spring Training is different from the last few years. The Red Sox just singed J.D. Martinez to a five year, $110 million dollar deal. Seems like everyone needed a fresh start from the manager, and Alex Cora brings the young feel to it.

There Was Tension Last Season

Via USA Today

Mookie BettsĀ admitted that there was tension last season, saying, “I think (there was) just tension in the locker room as far as if things were down. We could have had more fun. Through the rough times, I think those are the times when we could have had a little more fun instead of being down so much.”

Xander BogaertsĀ also said how there was friction last year: “I mean, we all know. We all know what was going on,” I don’t think I really want to get into details. The quicker we move on is the better for all of us.”

Not One Single Leader

(Fort Myers FL, 02/19/18) The Red Sox official full squad workout, stretch during Spring Training at the Player Development Complex on Monday, February 19, 2018. Staff photo by Matt Stone

Dustin Pedroia spoke about the leadership, saying it’s not just one person, it’s everybody. It’s clear winning the division is not good enough in this city. The Red Sox need to compete with the Yankees and the Martinez signing was huge. Alex Cora isn’t speaking the gibberish that Farrell would say while talking to the media. Cora said last week if you see a pitch right down the middle swing the bat and see where it goes. Don’t take a first pitch if it looks like you can hit it. The Red Sox are a fun young team with a power hitter. It still remains to be unseen how well they will compete with the Yankees, but the Martinez singing is a great start. I like the good vibe in Red Sox Spring Training even though it’s still early. It seems like they got the right change with the manager let’s see how the team shapes up to be.