Red Sox Baseball Is Finally Back

There hasn’t been too much to talk about for the last few months in terms of the Red Sox. After a long offseason, the moment we’ve been waiting for has finally come. The Red Sox kicked off Spring training with their first official game today against the Twins. Baseball is back, folks.

One player who highlighted today’s game was Hector Velasquez, who pitched two scoreless innings. He is definitely a good option for depth either out of the bullpen or the rotation. Building from last year he has shown that he can produce a few quality innings, which is huge. You can never have enough pitching in this game.

A few of the regulars were in the lineup today. Mookie, Xander, Hanley, and Vasquez all went hitless. Bogaerts was the only one to get on base.

Xander Bogaerts had a walk in two plate appearances. Blake Swihart had a double and a walk to add on to his hot spring so far. Sam Travis hit a RBI double in the 8th to drive in the legend Tzu Wei Lin, who walked in the AB before.

Almost everybody who pitched after Velasquez minor leaguers who we most likely will not see this year. The guys who we will indeed see and the ones fighting for their jobs will start to get their work in.

The Red Sox won 4-3, marking their first official Grapefruit League win of the year. Baseball is indeed back, and I couldn’t be happier.


Cover image courtesy of USA Today.