Truck Day has Arrived by Olivia Winchenbach

Truck day has come and gone, and that means that baseball season is nearly here. With Spring Training arriving, the Red Sox have yet to come up big in the offseason. Truck Day marks the unofficial start of baseball season for the Red Sox organization. Especially with the quiet offseason, Truck day brings the joy of baseball back. It’s the final send off for the team before the beginning of the season. Spring Training is the first look at the 2018 team. It is the time to create bonds and perfect your craft. This will be new manager Alex Cora’s first time being with the whole team. This could allow insight on the season ahead, and how everyone with perform.

The Wait is Over by Steve Atkinson

It’s that time of year again. Baseball is right around the corner. First it was Truck day on Monday -the day after the Super Bowl- which means Spring Training is coming up. However, the Red Sox have had a quiet offseason doing nothing but watch the Yankees get stronger. It will be interesting to see how the team takes shape this Spring. The biggest team has done this offseason was firing John Farrell and hiring Alex Cora. But Truck Day just shows that good and exciting things are coming for this baseball team. I’m anxious to see how this plays out.

Onto Spring Training

Now, the truck stopped at all affiliated ballparks on the way to Ft. Meyers. Pitchers and catchers arrive in just a few days. Through social media it seems that most of the team has already arrived and are beginning to train. One can only hope the best for this season as the Red Sox have fallen short the past few years. Baseball is in the air, and Sox Nation is ready and waiting.


Article written through the collaboration of @bennybiceps_ and @steveA1127.


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