Opening Day Is Here

It’s been a long last few months. A lot has happened from losing to Houston in the ALDS last year to now. Alex Cora was hired to be the new manager, J.D. Martinez signed with Boston, and the Red Sox had the best record in all of Spring Training.

The day has finally come. Today is Christmas for baseball fans. Opening Day. A day that should be a national holiday. A day where baseball finally makes its return after a long winter and a long spring of exhibition games. Everybody is in it, no team is eliminated just yet. It’s definitely one of if not the most exciting days of the year.

Alex Cora, who will be in his first year of managing, made a decision right away after he was signed that Mookie and Benintendi were going to lead off the lineup. Mookie hitting first, and Benintendi in the two hole.

The day has finally come, it is Opening Day. We already have a lineup. It will look like this:

1. Betts
2. Benintendi
3. Ramirez
4. Martinez
5. Bogaerts
6. Nunez/Devers
7. Nunez/Devers
8. Bradley
9. Vazquez

Cora said Devers is good to go, but he’s just not definite where Nunez and Devers are hitting.

I love this lineup. Obviously I will miss Pedey, but he’ll be back soon. Will this be the best lineup in baseball? Probably not. But they will know how to get on base and have some extra pop with a guy like J.D. Martinez getting thrown into the middle of the order.

Let the games begin.


Cover image courtesy of Boston Sports Desk.