It looks like Red Sox vs Yankees in 2018 is off to a hot start. This past series between the two teams at Fenway Park was everything we were anticipating. Maybe even more.

Game 1

It all started with absolute onslaught of the Yankees on Tuesday night. Chris Sale went six strong, allowing only one run. Mookie Betts had the game of his life. He racked up four hits and a walk, including a grand slam that would put the cherry on top to make the score 14-1.

The second game was even crazier. It opened up with David Price allowing four runs in the first, and coming out with an apparent “sensation in his fingertips.” He ended up being okay and is planning to make his next scheduled start. In came the bullpen, which did great. Throwing eight innings of two run ball. Both runs? Courtesy of Matt Barnes. Of course.

Game 2

But the craziness started in the top of the third. Tyler Wade bunted to Rafael Devers, who threw to Brock Holt at second to start a double play. The only problem was the double play wasn’t able to be turned, as Holt got spiked in his calf by Tyler Austin, sparking a bench-clearing argument. If you thought that would be the end of that, you were wrong. Skip ahead to the top of the seventh, Austin was up with one out and nobody on. Joe Kelly was on the mound and drilled Austin in the back. Consequently, Austin slammed his bat to the ground, looked at Kelly as he said, “Let’s go”, and charged the mound. An epic brawl broke out, and Kelly and Austin were both ejected. The Red Sox would end up losing the game, 10-6.

All of the players seemed pretty upset about what happened. Everyone voiced their displeasure, including some of the coaches on each team, along with each manager. This will certainly linger throughout the whole year.

Game 3

With a huge game on Thursday, Rick Porcello took the mound. He came through, taking a no hitter into the seventh inning, allowing two hits and no runs. The offense scored six runs off the Yankees’ starter Sony Gray, and won the game 6-3. Kimbrel got the save at the end of the game. The Red Sox won the series, taking 2 out of 3 games.

To recap? Four words: The rivalry is back. All this time, everyone has been trying to force the rivalry back. It’s been going on for years now. The problem is that the Red Sox and Yankees haven’t really been good at the same time for a while. The last time these two went at it in the Postseason was 2004. That was 14 years ago.

When the Yankees got Giancarlo Stanton in the offseason, the Red Sox’ Twitter account quote tweeted a tweet about the news saying “Rivalry🔥🔥🔥.” Everyone took it as a stupid joke. But it won’t be anymore. With the Red Sox getting J.D. Martinez in the offseason, many predicted the rivalry can only get stronger in the years to come. We can now confirm this is true. And every single Red Sox and Yankee fan should be excited for what’s ahead.

It sure was a fun first series as we saw a whole lot of action. Home runs, good pitching, and just like old times, brawls. These are two very talented teams in the AL East, and they are not fond of each other. The rivalry isn’t a joke anymore. The rivalry is back, folks.