The 2018 season did not start very well for Andrew Benintendi. He started off hitting in the low .200s. He just wasn’t the guy we all came to know and love. But after a cold April, it’s safe to say he’s on a roll. In his last 30 games, he’s slashing .333/.400/.615, which has bumped up his overall numbers on the year. Benintendi has been especially strong at home this season, slashing .306/.392/.492 with an .865 OPS at Fenway this year, meanwhile slashing only .202/.315/.330 with a .655 OPS on the road. He also has not hit lefties well this year, hitting .209/.306/.349, while having great numbers against righties. So there are some things he needs to work on, but overall he’s been much better.

Benintendi continued his success as he helped lead the Sox to a nice 8-3 Memorial Day win at Fenway. He went three for five with a triple, four RBIs, and three of those RBI’s coming from a three run opposite field monster shot off Aaron Sanchez in the fourth.

After the game, he talked about hitting at Fenway. “I’m seeing the (ball) pretty good. You know, its fun to hit (at Fenway Park) I feel like I see the ball well here… it’s going good right now and I’m just trying to help the team win.”

Well, whatever he’s doing at Fenway, just keep it going. One critique I have of Benintendi is the fact that he’s just so boring, and I think a lot of Red Sox fans can agree with me on this one. He doesn’t seem to have too much emotion and really has some boring interviews. Maybe he’ll break out of his shell one day, but as long as he keeps helping the team win, that’s all that matters.

To sum up Benintendi lately, he’s been awesome. To give you an idea of how much of a resurgence he’s had; on April 25, he was hitting .218. Ever since then? He’s hit .330. So as boring as Andrew Benintendi can be, he sure can hit. And a bat like Benintendi’s in this strong Boston lineup only makes it better.