Carson Smith Regrets Decision To Throw Glove


You thought the Red Sox were going up after starting the season 17-2.  Alex Cora had connected with the players, getting through to them, then reality reared its ugly head. First, whiny David Price can’t pitch because he doesn’t know how to take Zyrtec or Claritin for his allergies. Now Carson Smith injures himself because he threw his glove in frustration last night in the loss to the Oakland Athletics.

The Red Sox Will Not Discipline him

Both Dave Dombrowski and Alex Cora spoke about the injury today saying that it could be significant. All over throwing a glove in anger. Dombrowski said  “I’m sure at some point we’ll get a second opinion. But I don’t know the severity of it. But I’m not expecting him back in 10 days by any means at this point. We’ll see how severe it ends up being. But it’s got the potential to be a major injury.” Smith seemed apologetic and the team isn’t expected to discipline the reliever.

Avoidable Injury

The last thing this team needs is an injury to a reliever struggling in the late innings of games recently. Carson Smith spoke about the injury today and appearing emotional, according to Evan Drellich of NBC Sports Boston. ” I think fatigue played a factor in my shoulder and my shoulder just couldn’t handle it.” “I think my shoulder’s tired in general, it’s just from pitching. I’ve thrown a lot lately and I think my arm was just tired” Said Smith. Smith also said it’s never happened to him before but he does throw his glove every day while warming up.

To face potential surgery because Carson Smith decided to throw his glove is unreal. For a major league pitcher to end a season because of a self-inflicted wound defies logic. In the video below, you can hear Carson Smith sound like David Price saying that the 14 innings he’s pitched so far made his arm tired. He’s pitched only 23 innings over the last three seasons, and it’s only May. All I can say is thank God he and Price don’t play football.   They’d last maybe a couple of hours playing for Belichick.