Back on July 25th, Red Sox general manager Dave Dombrowski went out and bolstered his rotation depth. He traded for the hard throwing righty, Nathan Eovaldi. In the dog days of summer, I don’t think any of us imagined Eovaldi was the eighth inning guy in the World Series, but here we are. Eovaldi has been clinical all postseason long. It started against New York or Houston when Eovaldi was starting, but now that he’s shifted into a setup role, it has broadened the horizons for manager Alex Cora when deciding on a reliever.

Coming into the playoffs, the media was in a frenzy over the state of the Boston bullpen. Friendly reminder, I wasn’t. However, we’re here now, and the relievers have been nails. Joe Kelly, Matt Barnes, Eduardo Rodriguez and Craig Kimbrel all join Eovaldi, as having allowed ZERO combined runs in the World Series. Yeah it’s a small sample size, but the uptick of Kelly and Kimbrel has been huge. The biggest part of this revived bullpen has got to be nasty Nate however. He pitched back to back clean eighth innings in games one and two of the World Series. Which is no easy feat. Joe Kelly pumps gas out on the mound, but Eovaldi is like a more commanding version of him. Nathan’s been out there throwing 100+ and mowing guys down to setup Craig Kimbrel. It seriously looks like he’s been doing it his whole life.

What’s Next for Nate:

The future is so insanely bright for Eovaldi. His dominance could not have come at a better time, for both the Red Sox’ sake and for his. Cora has loved being able to turn to Eovaldi for a tough out all playoffs long. He’s also counting on him for a couple solid starts as well. For Nathan himself, he’s set to be a free agent. After the postseason he’s had, he has driven his own value to an all time high. Whether it be with the Sox, and as a reliever or starter, he will command a fairly sizeable contract over a multiple years. Without looking too far ahead, Eovaldi also has a good chance to be the World Series MVP. If he turns in a good start in game four or five, or trots out of the pen and dominates a couple more times, I’d give it to him.


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