A celebration of some of Eduardo Nunez‘s greatest hits from the 2018 World Series Championship, in light of him being DFA’d by the Red Sox.

Game One, bottom of the 7th

With the Red Sox clinging to a 5-4 lead, Andrew Benintedi doubled, and J.D Martinez was intentially walked. Mitch Moreland and Xander Bogaerts struck out with Rafael Devers due up. Dave Roberts went to the bullpen for Alex Wood. Despite the fact that Devers had gone 1-2 against Clayton Kershaw, Alex Cora pinch hit with Eduardo Nunez. He promptly hit a three run bomb, providing the final scoring in a 8-4 Red Sox win. Here is Nunez telling Big Papi himself, David Ortiz, all about it:

Game Three, top of the 13th inning

In the top of the thirteenth inning he came up with Brock Holt standing on first. He was facing Dodger lefthander Scott Alexander, who promptly set the gimpy Nunez on his butt not once but twice. The second time was a wild pitch, and Holt ended up on second base. Meanwhile Nunez had the look of someone who was going out on a stretcher. After a visit from Cora and the trainer, Nunez hit the next pitch into no man’s land in front of the mound. Max Muncy, playing first base, broke for the ball, but the pitcher got there first. Enrique Hernandez, who was playing second, went to cover first, but gimpy Nunez busted it down the line doing what makes fans and commentators cringe, sliding into the bag headfirst. Alexander threw the ball beyond Kiki Hernandez’s grasp, Nunez was safe, and Holt scored.

Fox TV Screen Grab – Nunez celebrating after his headfirst slide.

Game Three, bottom of the 13th inning

With Muncy at first having walked, and Nathan Eovaldi pitching, Nunez was at third base. Cody Bellinger skied a ball near the stands by third. Nunez limp-sprinted over and made a catch going into the stands. An Ian Kinsler bad play allowed Muncy to score on the very next batter. But at the time it was it was a crucial out.

Fox TV Screen Grab – Nunez goes into the stands

Eduardo Nunez not only has one of the best smiles and laughs in the Major Leagues, but was a big part of the 2017 and 2018 Red Sox teams. He fell short this year, but his part on the 2018 World Series Championship will live on forever.

Featured Image via Fox TV Screen Grab