The Red Sox are sending out newly acquired right-handed pitcher Andrew Cashner to the mound tonight against the Toronto Blue Jays. The deal came at a time where the Red Sox were in need of a change in their pitching staff. He is 32 years old and comes with a wealth of experience. But, what else should you know about the new Red Sox right-handed pitcher? Let’s take a look at a few key factors that you should consider when you think about Andrew Cashner.

He’s Never Been On A Winning Team

Andrew Cashner has spent his entire MLB career without being on a winning team. He spent the first two seasons of his career with the Chicago Cubs in 2010 and 2011. The Cubs in those seasons had 75 and 71 wins, respectively. He then went to the San Diego Padres for the next four and half seasons before being traded to the Miami Marlins. He spent 2017 with the Rangers, and then his last season and a half was spent with the Baltimore Orioles. Whether it was just bad luck or a bad organization, Cashner has never found himself in a position where he was contending for a playoff spot. Is that his fault? Not at all!

He’s Having A Good Season So Far In 2019

It is hard to come by wins if you are a Baltimore Orioles’ pitcher. So for Andrew Cashner to have a 9-3 record so far this season is really huge for the Red Sox. Sure, the 3.83 ERA isn’t exactly CY Young award material. But the thing is, Cashner is winning baseball games. Now, imagine what his numbers can really look like if he has a legitimate offense backing him up every start. The Red Sox should be thanking their lucky stars that they found a guy that has found his way to the win column a good amount so far this season. In 96 innings, he has 29 walks given up. So the good thing is that Cashner has good control on the mound in 2019.

He Has A Good Changeup

A lot of pitchers have success in the Major Leagues because of the command of their changeup. Guess what? Andrew Cashner has a good changeup. The changeup is a pitch that can be a pitcher’s best friend when the breaking ball isn’t working that day. So when I first saw that Cashner’s big pitch is his changeup, that gave me a huge sigh of relief. Plus, he’s confident in the pitch which will make a huge difference in August and September when the Red Sox will need wins the most.

In Conclusion

The Red Sox traded for a guy that can help them right now. He has been around the Major Leagues for about 10 seasons now, so that will serve well for the Red Sox from a veteran aspect. He loves the changeup and is having success this season so far. What more can you want from a new acquisition? We’ll see how he throws tonight in his first Red Sox start. But, from what I’ve heard, seen, and read about him; I’m excited to see what he can bring to the table.